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5 H.O.T. Tips To Wear Culottes

Culottes are probably one of the most intimidating fashion items to wear and it’s such a shame because they’re definitely a must-have. But don’t despair. You can wear culottes in certain ways and we’re here to help. 2_3052644a

Culottes can be interpreted in a boyish style manner. Contrary to what you worry about, culottes are ultra chic and super easy to wear. It’s basically a divided skirt. and like any skirt, you can wisely pair it with heeled sandals, boots, or any shoes you like. mainnew_3052708a

Other than that, here are some useful tips when wearing culottes:

  1. Keep your top structured. If you have a slim figure, then you’ll love wearing culottes. Make sure your wearing a stiff fabric and structural top. People in the fashion industry love this kind of look.structure_3052362a
  2. Tuck it in. If you don’t want your waist to drown underneath , tuck the top in. Polo necks and classic nautical vibe tees are timeless so you’re guaranteed to look stylish like the women in the image.tuck_3052388a
  3. Don’t worry about the dropped crotch. Culottes were not designed to be snug fit or high waist. But it doesn’t mean you have to fear wearing it because every fashionista knows you can always break that with a cross body bag.crotch_3052374a
  4. Show off ’em boots. As I said earlier, culottes can be worn with any shoes. Boots will look extra fabulous with culottes. Don’t be afraid to show them off.boots_3052363a
  5. Join the boys. Really, your imagination is your limitation. Look at these women. They didn’t need to wear cross bod bags to hide the dropped crotch. BOY_3052413a

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