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5 Gorgeous & Simple Ideas to Wear Bows in Your Hair

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016

First things first, what is a hair bow? Nothing big, it’s just a bow made out of your hair that is in your hair itself. You’ve probably seen perfect hair bows on celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. You are going to try out the same ‘celebrity bows’ in here.

“Maria, it’s time you had tied your hair. The bus will be here any minute.” a mom reminds her daughter. When you hear about bows, do you remember those old school days? Did you know that you are never too old to wear flowers in your hair (seriously)? You must remember waiting for the school bus to arrive while the thought of tying a bow in your hair strikes your mind? Well, you might find it either youthful or girlish but in fact, it would take around a second or two for changing your appearance and taking you to the next level. So here are five awesome ways to wear bows in your hair even if you have big tits.

1. Tied Around Your Neckline, With Your Hair In A Non-Pony Ponytail

Hair In A Non-Pony Ponytail

There are mainly two reasons why this style looks gorgeous. Firstly, the tie around your neck will hold your hair back and act as a choker. Your hair won’t come in front (maybe you are tired of pushing your hair back) at any instance and second, this style requires a ribbon only. On the other hand, your hairs, along with the ribbon, are behind your chic. Be advised that you should not tie the tie hard or you might face some problem breathing so—not too tight.

2. Tied Around Your Actual Ponytail

Do you have a pony hairstyle? If yes, pop a ribbon around your hair tie and see how it works. Make sure that you keep the tails of the bow a bit long for strong impact. That’s it! Get out at once and of course, you sure look gorgeous and men are definitely gonna follow you.

3. Packed Around The Topknot In Your Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

Half-Down Hairstyle

If you are someone who keeps half hair up and half down, you could try out this new trick. All you need to do is add something extra to your topknot. Be advised that you must keep the tails of the bow short or else, you will look too childish. Try this style with your daughter’s, too.

4. Wrapped At The Bottom Of A Braid

If you love having braids, three-strands or fishtail or whatsoever, you need to try tying your hair at the bottom of a braid. If you are going to a party, this ‘braid’ thing will work great instead of just fixing an elastic band. If you have visited France, you might have spotted women with this hairstyle. Best way to look like a French lady!

5. Round Your Bun

Round Your Bun

This one is the easiest style among all listed here. You can simply pull up your hair in a bun and use bobby pins to keep them intact. Secondly, wrap a ribbon (you choose the color) around the bun and keep going.

You just knew about the best 5 ways to wear bows in your hair. Make sure that you don’t become too childish while having your hair compatible with the styles mentioned above. Never think that you are old and making bows won’t suite your hair as well as age.

Fashion is changing every day, every minute and every second so you must be able to adopt various methods to look gorgeous. Out of the many choices available out there, changing hairstyle is one. Now, changing your hairstyle doesn’t necessarily mean trimming it or grilling it… Wearing a bow in your hair can be a good fashion right now. However, don’t think that you are pushing your age back and making others laugh at you (because bows are generally made by children). Whether your hair is long or short, one or more of the styles listed above can suite you. Go through these tips so that nothing will go wrong while you make your bows:

  1. Flip your head upside down have someone else make bows for you. Try calling your friend for a bow making session or stand in front of a mirror and get it done yourself.
  2. You can also grab hair spray to secure the braid you make. Also, to ensure there are no hair fly-aways, you can bring out a piece of hair that is thickly to create a bow and sprig it with hair spray.
  3. For making large loops, elastics can be chosen.
  4. When you wish to secure remaining hair around the center of the bow, bobby pins will work out well.

Which of these bows is your most wanted? Let us know in the comments below. Keep making those bows and happy holidays!

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