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5 Style Tips To Properly Wear Ponchos This Season

Monogrammed ponchos are this season’s most covetable fashion item and this article will show you exactly how you can rock it just how the models did during the Burberry autumn/winter 2014 fashion show. Here are the styles on how you can make the blanket scarf your everyday item during this fall/winter season.main_3058140a


  1. Put on a belt. Not only does this tell people you actually have a womanly figure underneath that drape, it will also conveniently settle there even when a strong gust of wind blows your way.belt_3058062a
  2. Pick your own pattern. Monochrome-patterned blanket scarves will certainly flood the streets of your city that’s why it’s highly encouraged you pick out a pattern that stands out from the rest.pattern_3058060a
  3. Always pair it with a hat. A hat can break the focus away from your awesome blanket scarf, but in a very good way.hat_3058085a
  4. Don’t wear baggy jeans with it. Don’t even wear a flowing skirt with it. This is fashion suicide as it washes away your figure regardless of how skinny or toned you are. miro_3058104a
  5. Winter is the right time to wear it. Instead of wearing the traditional coats and trenches, donning monogrammed ponchos on winter will be a breath of fresh air. Sung-Hee-wearing-B_3058194a

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