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5 Tips to Make Your Clothes Look Expensive

If you’re ever wondering why you aren’t up in that social ladder you’re climbing, it must be the clothes you’re wearing. To avoid looking cheap, here are 5 tips that will make you look like you’re wearing expensive clothing (even when you really aren’t).

  1. When buying a dress, stay away from designs with gathered seams. Always choose a dress that has clean lines, sharp tailoring, and pleated. No classy woman would ever buy a dress that fits everyone else.nrm_1412277522-1
  2. When buying a shirt, stay away from embroidered shirts didn’t cost you more than $20. Unless of course when the material is really good and the embroidery looked like it was done by the experts. nrm_1412277636-3
  3. Remember this, lace always looks inexpensive unless it’s handmade. So if you’re planning to buy aclothe made of lace, choose a fine mesh instead OR stick to pieces that use lace only as an accent.nrm_1412277753-5nrm_1412277803-6
  4. Stay away from complicated prints. If you want to shop for an item with tiny prints, make sure you buy those that has prints you can recognize even from 10feet away.nrm_1412277847-pattern
  5. Proper fit is key to making your clothes look expensive. However expensive your clothes cost you, it it’s not the perfect fit then it’s guaranteed to look like trash.nrm_1412277894-7

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