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5 Unique Ways to Wear a Tie

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Last Updated: Oct 1, 2018

This blog shows us how ties can be used for more than just an accessory around a man’s neck. It also shows if it is used as an accessory, how to make that jazz up the outfit.

For any man out there the tie is the ultimate fashion accessory! Whether it is a knotted tie, or a bow-tie, or neckties for men – they make men look smarter and sharper and sexier. However, how to make the tie even more innovative has been a source of wonder for many around the globe. And it probably will be for ages to come.

Ties are now being used for various things besides the formal black tie events. They are being used as more than just ties. And why not? If ties can be used to up the swag-level in any ensemble, then why shouldn’t people use it to their advantage? Thus, here are 5 innovative ways you can use your tie! Women can try some of these innovate looks too!

1. Slinging it or Strapping it up!
Remember those movie scenes of sexy older men with ties undone? The look is much the same. But this style is not just about looking good.

Slinging or Strapping it

You can incorporate the look into your ensemble and stand out. At the same time you can also use it as a sling around your neck for your camera. Your old (or new) tie can be your DIY camera strap!
This is a handy tip for any father’s day DIY present, or even a sweet hand-made present for the boyfriend, or just any other shutterbug out there.

2. Wrap Around Watch
This look brings together two classic fashion accessories – the tie and the watch. You basically have the just take apart your dial from the strap of your watch. Or you can buy a dial.

Wrap Around Watch

Then, you need to sew your tie onto the sides of your dial. Sew on a button of a hook at the end so you can pin it up. You now have a fantastic new wrap-around watch.

3. Braid it up!
You can use a really slim tie as a fashion accessory. You can braid it in with your hair to give your hair that extra pop of color. It will look great with a retro-themed look.

You can even use the tie as a hair band to hold back our hair if you want to leave your hair open. This look is both classy and elegant and also fun! Go “tie” up that gorgeous hair now!

4. Tie Belts!
Girls out there listen up! Here is where the tie becomes a really important fashion accessory for you too! You can now use ties to make DIY belts to math your outfits.

Tie Belts

These belts will look chic and classy. They will also be innovative and look good for your fashion street cred. You can even create pockets in your tie belt to hold your cards or identification badges, etc.

Pocket Tie

5. The Cross Bow
Now a classic tip. For all the necktie or bow-tie lovers out there – you can make a crossbow with your tie. This will typically look like an X with a knot in the middle.

Cross Bow

You can easily make this crossbow by assembling. If you two bow ties together are feeling creative, you can try to achieve the result with two long ties – but I think that result could be rather disastrous.

So now you know about 5 new ways to show off your mens neckties. Hurry and try them out!

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