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6 Makeup Don’ts Brides Must Avoid on Wedding Day

A wedding is the ultimate BIG DAY every hot blooded woman on Earth daydream of ever since the concept of ‘prince and princesses with happily ever after’ was introduced. If you’re one of them and your big day is not too far from today, you have to take note of the make up pointers you will read in this article. Below are common make up mistakes every brides make, but can surely be avoided.

  1. Book a makeup trial at least a week before the wedding. Before you close a deal with the makeup artist who’s going to make you look blushing and radiant on your very special day, it’s important that you know he or she can deliver the job.53a05772551fb_-_cos-13-wedding-trail-de
  2. Don’t look like a stranger on your wedding day. This means, no heavy makeup please.53a0576979f44_-_cos-04-too-much-makeup-de
  3. Don’t give all the focus on the face. If your wedding gown exposes your back, neck, legs and arms, make sure these areas will be addressed with non-transferrable shimmering lotion. 53a0576e13d99_-_cos-03-glowy-skin-de
  4. Don’t go cheap on waterproof. A wedding is the most emotional occasion ext to funeral and you wouldn’t want to look like a zombie with your makeup slipping off.53a05768a997a_-_cos-15-wedding-waterproof-de
  5. Uniformed makeup for you and your bridesmaids. This is the 21st century. You should stand out. tdy-120508-brides.grid-7x2
  6. Whatever happens, don’t airbrush. ‘Airbrush’ is such a fancy term that you’d sure be tempted to choose it on your wedding day. However, it’s hard to touch up and it makes you look flat.53a057748f682_-_cos-02-airbrush-de

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