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6 Real Names of Iconic Fashion Personalities

In the world of fashion a perfectly shaped bone structure and a knack for interesting designs are important. But having the right sounding name could also bring your to heights.

There are some fashion personalities who are smart enough to change their name to be more recognizable to the public.

Here are the original names of some of the most important personalities in the fashion industry:

6. Erin Heatherton (Erin Heather Bubley). Her last name sure won’t work, so she changed her name and simply added a suffix to her middle name back in 2006.10 Erin Heatherton

5. Suki Waterhouse (Alice Suki Waterhouse). Her friends call her Suki, but one of her boyfriends call him Alice, and it confuses some people.10 Suki Waterhouse

4. Coco Rocha (Mikhaila Rocha). Her mother called her Mon Petit Coco, and Coco became her name ever since.10 Coco Rocha

3. Veruschka (Vera Grafin con Lehndorff-Steinort). She changed her long German name when she was 25 years old.10 Veruschka

2. Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lifshitz). He simply feels that his real surname includes rude words. His cousins changed their names to Lawrence, so he just followed them.10 Ralph Lauren

1. Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeldt). By dropping the “T” in his name, it became more commercial sounding.Bambi 2010 - Arrivals

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