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7 of Vogue’s Most Iconic Group Portraits

Group model portraits in Vogue is not a new thing. This year’s September issue will have nine of the most gorgeous faces in the fashion industry and it wouldn’t be the first time in Vogue’s history. The tradition started in 1947 when Irving Penn shot twelve of the most photographed models in the US to concretize new notions of beauty just as the world began to embrace it. The picture was a romanticized post-war landscape. Although it didn’t become the cover of the magazine, the image certainly was the predecessor of group model portraits.

Vogue is keeping traditions to always feature the latest class of models on the rise. Here is the collection of group model covers that the fashion magazine had for years.

  1. Vogue 1992. Sportswear was all the rage during that era and the 10 supermodels wore white jeans and white shirt.cover-model-may-1992_165256464086
  2. November 1999. The magazine featured models for the reason that they have personified the magazine for a century.cover-model-november-1999_165257308933
  3. November 2000. The cover featured models who were nominees of the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards of the Year.cover-model-november-2000_165258705555
  4. September 2004. The cover was devoted to the nine girls who would represent the industry in the future.cover-model-september-2004_16525935237
  5. May 2007. In-house stars or fashion models were featured to inspire the fashion industry.cover-model-may-2007_165256782748
  6. May 2009.┬áThis cover was “a tribute to models and muses and the wonderful collaborative role they play in the lives of designers”, says Anna Wintour.img-covermodelmay2009_171007278234
  7. September 2014. The models in this cover are known to propel their fame with the use of the social media.cover-model-september-2014_165300552831

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