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8 Makeup Mistakes That Makes You Sick

Makeup artists had to dedicate much of their time to ensure that all the stars looked brilliant on the red carpet. However, celebrities had to learn that it was not all they required. According to the experts, one should be equipped with the knowledge in makeup application especially the areas surrounding the eyes. It is because this region happens to be the most sensitive part of the skin and shows earliest signs of aging.

Here are some makeup mistakes that can make you look sick:

Mistake 1: Dirty Brushes

Most people assume that makeup brushes can’t hold germs or other impurities because they are not in regularly used. However, beauty gurus recommend that all brushes should be washed after a couple of weeks. In addition, brushes used around the eyes should be cleaned on a weekly basis. It will help eliminate bacteria, oils, dirt and germs which can result in skin damage or premature aging. Plus, ensure that all the brushes are stored in hygienic places free from contaminants.

Mistake 2: Too Much or Too Little

It can be quite challenging for many people to come up with the exact amount of makeup to apply. Other than failing to match your makeup to the occasion, wearing too much makeup may appear as if you are trying hard, whereas you would look better if you opt to stay natural. Try to use makeup that matches your skin tone while ensuring you apply as little as possible for the perfect look. This way you won’t look like a zombie and will save money since you won’t have to frequent cosmetic shops now and then for more makeup.

Mistake 3: Mismatching Foundation Color

Always bear in mind that foundation is not bronzer meant to change the color of your skin. With this in your head, you should always go for a foundation that naturally blends with the color of your skin. It can be hard to find such a single product that does this effectively though. However, you can do it perfectly by purchasing two or more shades and mix them to come up with your right shade. You can also avoid mismatching foundation if you start applying it sparingly. If you prefer minimal coverage, you can use a tinted moisturizer. For powder, go for a translucent one for a fresh look throughout the day.

Mistake 4: Age-Inappropriate Makeup

Imagine how it would look like to see your granny wearing the same makeup with your teen daughter? Same as there exists certain fashion trends, there are makeup meant for specific age-group. Age-inappropriate makeup application happens to be one of the common mistakes made by most people. Children can wear shinny or glittery makeup. However, teens should avoid using too much makeup because it can make them look a little older.

Mistake 5: Poor Blending Method

Chances are that you won’t look natural if you don’t blend your makeup the right way. Appropriate blending should apply to every makeup routine including blush, foundation and eye shadow. It can only be achievable if you have the right tools including brushes and latex wedges. These tools should be regularly cleaned and replaced when necessary.

Skipping an Eyelash Curler

Mistake 6: Skipping an Eyelash Curler

Even though, it only takes a few seconds, skipping to curl your eyelash can give you a totally different look. This step is particularly crucial if you are using mascara as it makes your eyes pop for a radiant look. Just look for a decent eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes prior to applying mascara. It will be easier to apply mascara if curl the right way. Curling is necessary for making your eyes appear larger for an improved appearance. Even if you don’t prefer to use mascara, always remember to curl.

Mistake 7: Excessive Powder Use

Too much powder can give a caked appearance on your makeup. People with oily skin have this tendency of using too much powder. Powder can make your skin dry and thus make fine lines and wrinkle more conspicuous. In addition, it can eliminate the natural glow of your skin because it purges shine and makes you sick. What about your pores? It can clog them which can put your skin more prone to skin conditions such as acne.

Mistake 8: Failure to Wash before Bedtime

There are several reasons why people don’t remember to remove makeup before going to sleep. Too tired out of a hectic day, very sleepy or simply ignorance are some of the common reasons. Cleansing and moisturizing before bedtime is crucial if you want nothing less of a beautiful and radiant skin. It eliminates dirt and unclogs pores resulting to a healthier skin.


As long as you are in quest of a radiant and youthful look with makeup, the above are some of the common mistakes you should avoid. You don’t need a beauty professional all the time you are using makeup since avoiding these common mistakes, and others won’t make you sick.

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