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8 Rare Facts About Coco Chanel’s Personality

When people talk about high fashion, it’s inevitable to mention Coco Chanel or the majesty of her contributions to the industry simply because she is high fashion herself. Author Rhonda Garelick writes a biography of the much famed but controversial couturier. In the book, she offers enlightening tidbits that only a few people in this world know of. These facts will surely help you understand the personality of one of the best figures in the 20th century.coco-chanel-diva-rebelde-l-wda28n

  1. She didn’t want to be a designer. She wanted to sing at cabarets in France but she was told she has no future as a professional in that industry.e93ed948f624870fab8fb50c0272f139d28b1f8b
  2. Her real name was Gabrielle Chanel. The name “Coco” was a song about a lost dog that she sang in a cabaret.
  3. She learned business from her British diplomat boyfriend, Serge Lifar in 1937.b220b1cd1d4f3977fca7cc7596c89bf7621f07fb
  4. She recreated men’s underwear and sold it to the society ladies.
  5. Coco Chanel hated flowery scents. She was once heard saying women shouldn’t smell like any substance in nature. She should smell like herself but better.coco_2-wordpress
  6. Lilliputian horse jockeys inspired her famous quilting textile designs for the Chanel bags.
  7. She’s proud of her steel hard booty and insisted on people to feel how hard her buns are.
  8. Being a big designer that she is, it’s a surprise Coco Chanel couldn’t sketch. She sculpts her designs on model’s bodies.Coco Chanel Adjusting a Model's Dress


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