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8 Unexpected Beauty Trends From London Fashion Week


Barely there make up and ponytails are some of the unbelievable trends for the London Fashion Week.

Here are the rest of the unexpected trends from the backstage of the London Fashion Week:

  1. Sun damage de rigueur. St Tropez global tanning and finishing expert Nicola Joss took the dusting off of freckles farther down from the face to the chest and all the way to the arms and legs.freckles_3038693a
  2. Big Bows. Alice bond n’ all are great, but for this London Fashion Week, stylist Kenna’s Sibling supersized the bow accessory.Sibling_3037765a
  3. Ombré Eyeliner. Holly Fulton’s faces are inspired by themes of youth, elegance, and mordernity. According to make-up artist Andrew Gallimore, Ombré Eyeliner fits that theme perfectly.ombre_3037684a
  4. Brideshead. International hair stylist James Pecis got fed up with all the pony tails in the run way. He was brave enough to try something new. He put a veil on braded hair of the last model during the Julian McDonald show.brideshead-julian-_3037663a
  5. Sweat Beads. Andrew Gallimore put gel skin that looked like sweat on the faces of the models for the Teatum Jones show. The models looked like they have cold sweat.andrew_3037188a
  6. Pearl Finish Manicures. Nail Artist Michelle Humphries put pearl finish Princess Margaret manicures on the models’ fingers.pearl_3037168a
  7. Elephant tails. Besides the pony tail and brideshead, elephant tail was also featured.SS15CG-BAksu-019_3037161a
  8. Chain Nail. Pierced nails with hanging gun-metal chains are also trending.    nails_3037072a

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