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9 Amazing And Unusual Uses Of Hairspray

Hairsprays have such a strong association with the rather forgetful look of the 80s. Hairsprays are a reminder of the tissed, curled up hairdo that punked, plagued and defined the 80s. While everybody’s hiding the look they rocked when Madonna was queen and Michael Jackson was the king of pop, hairspray seems to be making its way back to the future both on the runways, and for uses that, well, don’t involve hair on your head at all!

9 Ways To Use Hairspray

Here are 9 ways you may find a hairspray useful, other than to keep your crown in place:

1. Hairspray keeps your eyebrows in place. Just as it keeps hair on your head in place, it also grooms your eyebrows—and, what’s more, it gives your eyebrows extra volume. To use hairspray for your eyebrows, spritz some on your fingers and directly apply on your hair. You may also spritz it on an eyebrow comb and run it through your eyebrows. Do this before you line your eyebrows with liner. Don’t make the huge mistake of spraying product directly on your eyes!

2. Add volume to your eyelashes. If you can use hairspray on your eyebrows, you can most definitely use it on your eyelashes. Get a nice curl that stays in place with this simple trick. Get your eyelash curler. Heat the curler with your hair dryer in hot setting for a minute. Using the heated curler, curl your eyes, pressing a few times to keep the curls well shaped. Do the same for both sides. Then, take your eyelash curler and spritz with hairspray. Press on one side then, repeat the same for the other. This trick gives you volume and helps keep your eyelash styled. Don’t forget to wipe off your eyelash curler so it’ll be ready to rock your glam til next use.

3. Remove lint on garments and fabrics. Hair fibers from your pets and lint on suede and dark garments can ruin a rather chic dress. Never let lint ruin your style or your sofa! All you need is a clean piece of cloth. Mist the cloth with hairspray and run it through the fabric. The hairspray instantly picks up the lint with very little effort. Run this a couple of times to completely get the lint out. Do the same for other sections of the garment.

4. Stop runs in your pantyhose and tights. It’s good to have a pocket hairspray ready when you know you’ll be walking in stockings or performing in tights. Don’t ruin your day or throw those pairs away just yet. Stop runs and scratches from ruining your style by immediately spritzing them with hairspray whenever and as soon as they appear.

Hairspray Handy

5. Freeze, hold and remove that stain. Another reason why it’s good to have a hairspray handy even on the go is to keep ugly stains from ruining your stylish, expensive clothes. Never let a stain ruin your investment! When you accidentally smudge lipstick or spill red wine on your clothing, pick up a hairspray and spritz it on immediately. Hairspray freezes the stain and stops it from seeping into your clothes. Wash off the stain as soon as possible. Hairspray will help literally peel off the stain when you wash your clothes.

6. Quick dry nail polish. What works faster than your oil-based quick dry? You’ll be surprised to know that hairspray does. When you need to run and get your nails dried much faster to let you move around, pick up a bottle of hairspray and mist it on your nails to dry it, coat it, and protect it from damage. Don’t spray it too close to your nails though or it will leave wet droplets on which may damage your polish.

7. Blunt sharp edges. Protect your skin, clothes and other belongings from scratch. Simply use a hairspray to blunt sharp edges and make these less prone to scratching you or tearing off your clothes.

8. Keep cut flowers beaming with life. The reason perhaps why everybody loves flowers is that they instantly brighten up and enliven any room. It’s great to have colorful, freshly picked flowers every day but, if you don’t exactly have flowers in your garden, don’t have a garden at all or, don’t have the time to allot daily to get fresh cut flowers from your favorite flower stand, make your flowere stay fresh and alive for longer. You guessed it — use a hairspray!

9. Use as instant protection for your arts and crafts. Just as hairspray can hold that hairstyle, it can also hold the art and style of your well-loved, homemade crafts. Keep colors, textures and canvass protected by spritzing on hairspray. Don’t hold the nozzle too close to your canvass when you do, however, to keep from staining or leaving behind wet droplets on your work of art.


Hairsprays are a must-have staple in your style kit to keep hair strands in place. It is also a useful staple for your other beauty must-haves and other practical household needs.

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