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Beauty hacks! Simple tricks to get perfect contoured makeup!

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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017

The truth is that you really don’t need to spend hours in front of your mirror every time you want to go out with friends. Regardless of the occasion, your makeup is very important. However, no woman is stranger to the long hours wasted in front of the mirror. There are, nevertheless, a lot of different tips and tricks that you can take advantage of in order to make the application of different cosmetic products a lot more convenient. Below you will find a few helpful hacks which are going to change your life for good when it comes to applying contoured makeup.

1. Turn Your Eyeliner Pencil into Convenient Gel

Get your lighter and simply place the tip of your pencil on top of it for a second or two. Wait for about 10 seconds afterwards for it to cool down and apply. Instead of a rough and thin line, you will be capable of creating a proper and intense smudge.

2. Check Your Own Makeup Under Various Lights

Now, if you are troubled that your eyes look smaller than you’d want them to, you might want to sweep the mascara towards your nose. You should do so instead of sweeping it upwards. This is going to help you create the impression that your eyelashes are a lot fluffier and hence your eyes will also look bigger as a consequence.
check your own makeup

3. Make Your Eyes Look a Lot Wider

The truth is that not every time when you apply your makeup will you have the best light. When you go ahead and enter your vehicle on a warm sunny day, one of the things that you can do is to check your makeup. The bright lights are going to help you identified any potential spots that you may have missed while you were in your home.

4. Get the Most Out of Your Liquid Makeup

If you feel as if your makeup tube is empty, don’t necessarily throw them away immediately. Instead, cut them wide open and scoop the makeup and make them into plastic pots. This is a great and very convenient way to save a few dollars.

5. Achieve the Best Winged Eyeliner

Best Winged Eyeliner Using a spoon, you can easily achieve the best winged eyeliner. In order to get that much needed winged effect, you need a simple spoon and nothing else. You can start your eyeliner as you would do for a cat eye look and press the rounded side of the actual spoon towards your eyelid. After that, you move out the spoon outwards and draw accordingly in order to create that much needed winged effect.

6. Make Eye Shadow Pop Out With Your White Eyeliner

If you really want the shadow of your eye color to pop up, you can apply white eyeliner throughout the entire eyelid. After this, you can apply your own favorite shadow. The white is going to help you properly intensify the color that you want to stand out.

7. Easy Smoky Makeup – Convenient Solution

Draw a hashtag at the outer corner of your eyes. Once this is through, blend it with the rest of the makeup that you use for your eyes. You will get a quick smoky look without any significant and excessive work.

easy smoky makeup

8. Use a Bobby Pin

When you apply your fake eyelashes, you can take advantage of a bobby pin in order to ensure the easy glue application. This is something particularly convenient and it’s going to help you apply the glue very quickly.

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9. Create Natural Contouring

It could be quite difficult to determine whether you want to put blush or bronzer for your contouring. The easiest way is to take advantage of your favorite eyeliner pencil or even the handle of your brush. Place a straight edge and apply the contour to the cheekbone in order to get the proper angle.


As you can see, there are quite a lot of different things that you might want to take advantage of when it comes to different makeup tips and tricks. Those convenient hacks are going to ensure that the entire thing is handled properly and as per the highest cosmetic standards. At the same time, you can rest assured that they are going to spare you a significant amount of time, which is most certainly something that you want to consider. Furthermore, they will allow you to get through the process quickly and without a lot of significant hassle so that you can spend your time a lot better or on more important things for your appeal like choosing the night dress, for instance. You can also take advantage of those in the mornings before work to get prepared quicker and to have more time to start your day properly.

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