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Belt Knots You Should Try Out This Season

For the autumn/winter 2014 fashion, it is not enough that you have a super-skinny belt size; you must know how to loop and knot it as seen on the runway of Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Burberry.winter 2014 fashion

Just make sure your belt is longer than the typical so that you can play with how you want to loop and knot it.loop and knot

“Tie the Knot”

Nicolas Ghesquière used razor-sharp black leather belts to loop around like ties on belle du jour outfits for Louis Vuitton. You don’t have to be a master in origami to pull this off. The tip of the belt is V shape, which emphasizes the V for Vuitton.Nicolas Ghesquière

Floral Artwork

Burberry uses floral artwork on its belts to become sublime accompaniments for the floral scarves of the outfits. These one-off belts are now in the market for £400.Floral Artwork

Break Thick Fabrics

Michael Kors used belts to break up the thick and shaggy fabrics. Most of the belts they used were crocodile skin and luxe ropes.Michael Kors

Crocodile strand loops

Stella Jean used crocodile strand to loop around the blouse and work wear during Milan Fashion Week.Stella Jean

Around Sharp Suits and Around Kimono

Street stylistas like Caroline Issa loops the belt around sharp office suits. There are those, like Philip Lim, who fast forwarded to 2015 and looped their belt around kimono-esque styles.Caroline Issa

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