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Best looks of Spain’s Queen Letizia

As royal mother, Queen Letizia of Spain never wanes in proving she has incredible skills in beauty and style.

  1. When Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix invited the royalties of Spain for dinner, Queen Letizia had a fabulous long black gown ensemble with lace sleeve. But the whole outfit was completed when she donned her Tiara.
  2. In the 2013 Francisco Cerecedo Journalism Award held at Madrid’s Ritz Hotel, Queen Letizia wore a silk Hugo Boss jumpsuit complemented by a shiny golden belt.
  3. At the Zarzuela Palaze, the Queen wore a floral Zara dress that is belted and is complemented by peep-toes high heel shoes.
  4. During the 2008 Prince of Austrias Awards she stepped out in a magnificent grey lace outfit with rose-adorned high heels and a very attractive necklace.
  5. Queen Letizia knows how to pull off gowns in formal occasions, but what makes ladies envy really her is her ability to still look equally fabulous in her casual wear as proven by her white skirt and green blouse outfit.
  6. In the United States-Spain Council Forum dinner held in Santa Barbara, California Queen Letizia is at it again in her stunning off shoulder gown designed by Felipe Valera.
  7. At London’s Mandarin Oriental she rocked a gunmetal grey dress that showcases her shoulder blades. The dress was rich with floral embellishments.
  8. The shade of red just resonates her being a royalty with nude heels and her calf-length red dress that is belted in the middle.
  9. She can rock the gown during formal occasions and she can also pull off casual wear. Besides those outfits, she is also very stylish and beautiful wearing men’s-wear with pants and jacket that makes her look like a CEO of a giant corporation.
  10. Red, metallic and floral can fit the Queen quite nicely, but so does Jade. That Jade-colour monochromatic look makes her look absolutely stunning.

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