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Best Luxury Colored Watches For The Ladies

From pastel colors to silk or gold, with the right tailoring and designs, delicate shades would look wonderful in women’s wrist.

Here are some of the top coloured watches for ladies:

  1. Pastel Colours. The stainless steel Dior VIII Montaigne automatic 32mm comes with sun-brushed blue dial and beautiful diamonds. You can buy them at £6,600. Some of the colour options that come with this luxury watch are pale blue, sorbet pink and powder grey. This is designer Raf Simons best example of casual glamour.CopIOR
  2. Symbolisms. Christian Dior believes that the number eight is lucky, which explains Dior VIII. Just like Dior, Frédéric Boucheron is also a believer of symbolisms. Boucheron’s Khépri Epure is filled with jewelled scarab to represent Khépri, the sun god of ancient Egypt. Bourcheron’s Khépri Epure has quartz, yellow sapphires, diamonds, opal and a blue sapphire cabochon.bee
  3. Roman Riches. The Bulgari Diva watch is based on the Roman Baths of Caracalla. It has waves of diamonds, rubellites, pink gold, as well as a mother of pearl. Women can wear it with ball gowns or jeans. This luxurious watch costs £37,
  4. Silks. Hermes’s Arceau Temari watch has geometric strips inspired by the Hermes silk square, which is based on temari. The temari is a popular Japanese artwork in the seventh century where small balls are crafted from silk kimono offcuts. The Arceau Temari watch snow-set bezel has a distinct look as if it was dipped in diamond sugar, which makes it look more attractive. The Arceau Temari watch comes with pink opal, blag alligator strap, and diamonds.PinkOpal
  5. Sports. The Aquanaut Luce by Patek Philippe is one of the best sports watches in the world. This year marks its 10th anniversary. Wear this watch along with baggy silk pants and pastel satin bomber.patek

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