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Best Of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015

New York Fashion Week sets the trend of what people who are into fashion should wear. For the Spring 2015 collection, each designers are incredibly unique, but there is a certain singular theme that stands out.

  1. Marc Jacobs. Models wore matching wigs behind bright pink backdrop.2 1
  2. Calvin Klein Collection. You can see that Designer Francisco revolved around the colors of white, black, red and navy for his design.2 2
  3. Ralph Lauren. His designs are centered on mix of bright solids and neutrals.2 3
  4. Erin Fetherston. Her designs are feminine and flirty as usual.2 4
  5. Anna Sui. Her breezy boho vibe is quite relaxing to the eyes.2 5
  6. Proenza Schouler. Her designs are badass with all the leather, python, and fringe.2 6
  7. The Blonds. The designs in for this show are unforgettable with themes from I Dream of Jeannie to outrageous hair.2 7
  8. Michael Kors. The joyful season of Spring is nicely presented in this show, complete with crop tops, flowers and wonderful colors.2 8
  9. Oscar De La Renta. Floral flock, pink gingham, and everything feminine.2 9
  10. Jeremy Scott. It seems like he is vying for a really spectacular show with Mile Cyrus appearing in it. Besides the controversial movies star, his designs had Shrek designed sweaters, fuzzy slippers and hot pants.2 10

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