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Best Powder Foundations of 2016 for a Flawless Look

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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018

There are many different products that beauty conscious women have to think about when it comes to their makeup collection. Amongst this is powder and it is often one of the least thought of items in order of importance. Yet it plays a critical role in the overall look of the finished makeup application and can make the completed look one that is virtually flawless.

This means choosing the powder has to be done carefully considering which is the best for the individual that is going to be using it based on their specific needs. Overall, amongst the numerous choices for this beauty care products there are 7 that top the list of best powder foundations.

1. Diorskin Nude Luminous Rose Power

If you are intent on the no makeup look even though you have taken great steps to apply your makeup, then seal it with the Diorskin Nude Luminous Rose Powder. It has the ability to create a finished non makeup look with its light formula, yet once applied it stays in place. If you are looking for a powder that is cost effective, then this one will not be your choice as it is quite pricey. Then again, you may be willing to pay the price for the benefits that it is going to give you. The compact itself is absolutely stunning, so that justifies the cost a little more.

2. E.L.F Translucent Mattifying Powder

Mattifying Powder

What makes this powder special is that it’s comprised of a gentle formula. For those that have sensitive skin, then this powder is a good choice. It doesn’t alter the color of the natural skin tones. This means for those that insist on the natural look they can count on this powder to support it. It comes in an attractive case with a soft sponge that allows for gentle application. This is another big plus for the sensitive skin user. The mirror within the compact does the job for easy seeing to apply the product.

3. NYC Smooth Mineral Loose Face Powder SPF12

While many of us tend to turn to the compact powders because they are easy to carry with us for touch ups, we should never underestimate the loose powder. At least, not if it’s the NYC brand, such as this one. It is super easy to apply and its one most important component is its SPF protection. For the women on the go who are exposed to the sun’s rays then this powder is going to give your skin the protection it needs without having to comprise your makeup application.

4. BareMinerals Mineral Veil

BareMinerals Mineral Veil
Often what happens when powder is applied is that it ends up leaving the skin looking uneven and blotchy. This sometimes gets blamed on the skin reacting to the makeup application when really the culprit is an inferior or wrong choice of powder. The BareMinerals Mineral Veil will not present this problem. It is absent of any artificial oil, harsh chemicals or parabens. For those who insist on a matte look to their finished makeup application, then this powder will likely become a favorite.

5. Boots 17 Pressed Powder

While this powder has gained a great reputation for one that can be counted on, it may be hard to find. It is readily available in the UK, but may not be in your area. It is one of those pressed powders that has withstood the passing of time and has been able to stand its ground with competitors and new technology. It is priced well and it does all that you would expect a good quality powder to do.

6. MAC Making Pretty Sheer Mystery Powder

Mystery Powder
Whenever the name of a powder contains the word “sheer” then it attracts potential buyers. This is because of the worry that some powder creates a heavy look to the skin after its application. This MAC product has been formulated so it’s light and airy, but has enough body to it to provide excellent coverage and remain in place.

7. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Some use face powder to set their foundation and remove the shine. Others want a powder that is capable of hiding some of the common flaws that can appear in the skin. Flaws such as uneven skin tones or dark patches. For any of these reasons this particular powder is the solution. It works wonderfully for creating a matte finish but at the same time has enough body to it to do some camouflaging. As an added bonus, it contains plant extracts which help to nourish the skin during its wear.

There you have 7 powders to choose from that vary in price and their benefits. To make the right choice, it is important to review both the ingredients and benefits of the ones that you are thinking about buying. If the benefits are on your “I want or I need” list when it comes to your makeup, then you will make the right choice with purchasing it.

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