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Dior introduces Cruise Collection

Dior invited some 900 people to witness its cruise collection runway show in Brooklyn Navy Yard Wednesday.

The show was held in the Duggal Greenhouse and the cruise collection consisted of 66 looks. Guests were brought in via ferry provided by Dior. Male models wearing Dior blazers welcomed the guests. The venue was done over with soaring ceilings, giant fans, and walls of windows that showcase a view of the cityscape of Manhattan.

Dior’s 2015 cruise collection is designed by Raf Simons with an official leitmotif, which is the silk scarf or the French carré. But these scarves are specifically designed to fit American fashion taste. They will be spliced to opposing bodices and spread into fluid handkerchief hems. Ultimately, the silk scarves where represented as little white flags.

Simons always considers America as great and constant information for him. He said the country is a melting pot of ideas and the sense of freedom. The silk scarves, which were considered as Simmons’ flag, were wound on models’ ankles. The French carré were in solid red, black, and blue. They were also big inspirations for the skirts that came along with four dresses. The outfits have Simons’ rigid and fluid style.

But silk scarves won’t be complete without some print. Simons’ showcased his hand-painted motifs from the scarf tops to the desirable bags.

Other pieces featured have classic Dior flared skirts, and the 1970s sailor technique knotting of the scarves, clutch purse, coats with exotic furs, high-waist skirts with single pockets, and Tropicana bright organza dresses.

The collection was strong and sensible. It has a lot of covetable pieces that are somehow new takes of the Dior signature. You can see the American inspiration in the black wool suit, curving, soft hem, patch worked navy astrakhan, breitschwanz and mink. One can really say that the event was in fact World Dior.

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