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Embarrassing Professional Photoshop Mistakes Published for the Whole World to See

You cannot always count on the professionals. The effort to haul in huge amount of money makes it open play for some people to be painfully careless as they hope they can get away with it. But the world is learnt. We are fast learners and we can see hoax in the daily visuals the media is trying to feed us. Take these ridiculous beauty campaigns for example. You’ll find absurd, lazy, and hilarious flaws on the ideals that the beauty and fashion industry is trying to cement for its consumers.

1. American Apparel. The black and white picture of a pretty, young lady with her horse could have been successful had it been not for the horse’s missing body.4eb86ee9cba2d8be3ea3e1cfcd1339c8.600x

2. Vogue’s Adam Levine. Every one wants a bite of Adam and his gorgeousness. But if you look closer, you’ll realize that the rest of his right side torso is missing.a334eaadd1e668c343e48391df04c5e1.600x

3. Victoria’s Secret’s Candice Swanpoel. She’s already physically gifted. Apparently not gifted enough for the lingerie company as they made sure her assets were enhanced. But the editor must have missed the notice when her right side bust was left out looking flat and lonely.646ad477f0850630cf43875cb8896945.600x

4. Victoria’s Secret’s Marissa Miller. They might have been going for the Venus de Milo look with a modern twist but they should have taken both of her arms off, not her left hand alone.3b31ec140f0449be3a6736582710dc4f.600x

5. H&M Evening Gown. A missing leg is ghastly even for an evening wear.397d117628e22b0195262c2d20a8f837.600x

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