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Everyday Jewels to choose from

Cannes Film Festival has showcased two weeks of dazzling red carpet jewels.

If you are fed up with the lavish jewels, you may want to try the more understated pieces of accessories that would complement your outfit so you can have a luxurious look on a daily basis.

There are everyday jewels you can wear that do not blind people looking at you. They simply complete your outfit and add a little more luxury. You can simply wear all gold or other flashes of colors for your everyday jewellery.

Carolina Bucci

Carolina Bucci is one of the best jewellers you can try if you are fond of exceptional gold accessories. Bucci has a reputation of giving sex appeal to gold. She puts silk threads in gold to add color to the metal just like how it is done in fabric. Bucci has a way of turning this luxurious metal into an accessory for any daily event, even for a trip to the beach in summer.


You can try Pomellato’s Victoria pendant under your jacket and allow peeps of shining gold. You can also wear this accessory to complement your white shirt for a flamboyant show.


IF you want a more classic look, you can try the Piaget Rose necklace with six gold roses. You can wear this lose to look radiant with a simple outfit. If you want to go for a more indulgent look, you can wear it twice around your neck.


Boodles’ Velocity Double Drop Necklace is another long necklace that you should have for your daily jewellery use. This is perfect for your demure outfit, especially with the gold drop with diamonds.

Azza Fahmy

Long earrings may be too flamboyant for your everyday jewellery, but with Azza Fahmy’s floral earrings, you can look luxurious without being too loud for your daily activities.

Cora Sheibani

For a more contemporary and witty look, you can go for the jewellery designs by Cora Sheibani.

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