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Halloween Fashion: 9 Costume Ideas to Consider

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Last Updated: Oct 31, 2016

With Halloween taking place this weekend, it is only normal you should be on the lookout for unique costume ideas. We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect costume, especially with so many choices being presented online. In an effort to come to your rescue, we have gathered no less than nine costume ideas for you to try out.

#1 Snow White

Even though Snow White premiered a long time ago, this is still one of the most popular costume ideas to try out. Imagine yourself while wearing the yellow skirt, with the top in blue and red combo. Add to that a black wig, some knee-high, white stocks and black pumps and you have the perfect costume for this Halloween. A modern version of Snow White – what better choice for such a celebration?

#2 Princess Leia

With the Star Wars franchise making a comeback, it makes sense to search your inspiration in its popular characters. One popular costume idea is represented by the beautiful Princess Leia, with its innocent smile. All you will need is a white dress, a matching belt and the signature coif. If you are going as a pair, you can dress your husband as Luke Skywalker, having the time of your life.

#3 Shrek the Ogre

Shrek the Ogre

What could be scarier than a big, green ogre costume? Well, if you are going to choose this costume idea, you will need green paint, to create the illusion of being an ogre. For the costume, you will need a large blouse, with a brown vest and matching pants. However, do not forget the green point, as this will make all the difference. And, if you are planning on celebrating as a pair, your wife can be the beautiful Fiona (green paint necessary here as well).

#4 Minion costume

Who doesn’t love minions? The minion costume idea is great for kids, but it can represent a perfect choice for an adult as well. All you will need is a yellow hoodie, with coveralls made from jeans. Add a pair of black glasses and black gloves and you will have the perfect outfit. As minions travel in groups, you can dress several kids in such outfits, thus making sure that their trick or treat experience is awesome.

#5 The Incredibles

If you have seen this cartoon, then you know how interesting it is. The entire family can wear costumes to resemble the cartoon characters from this movie; all you will need is a red blouse and pants in a matching color. Add black underpants on top of your outfit, black boots and a black mask – now you are one of “the incredible” and prepared for a night of great fun!

#6 The Joker

This is indeed a classic idea for Halloween and one that does not take more than a couple of minutes to prepare. You will need a purple costume, a wig and lots of makeup, in order to create that unique smile. Go for the green wig and make sure to add a large flower, as a necessary accessory to your costume.

#7 Danny & Sandy from Grease

Grease is one of the most popular movies of all times, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John making up for unforgettable characters. If you are planning on surprising everyone this Halloween, how about dressing up as Danny and Sandy from Grease? For Danny, you will require a lot of hair gel, a black T-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The Sandy costume requires curls, a black T-shirt and matching pants, not to mention high-heels.

#8 Captain America

With Marvel movies being more popular than ever, it makes sense to choose Captain America as your costume. This is a suitable choice for children and adults alike, requiring head-to-toe cover up and the infamous shield as accessory. Make sure to use a mask, in order to hide your true self and matching gloves and shoes for a more interesting effect.

#9 The Simpsons


If you are like the characters in the show, you will be happy to discover that you can easily dress up as anyone of them. For example, if you want to dress up like Homer, you will first need a mask of his face. Then, all you need is a simple white T-shirt and a pair of jeans. For the wife, you will definitely need the blue wig.

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These are only a couple of Halloween costume ideas that are totally worth trying out. As you have seen, many of them are suitable for children and adults alike, so they can be used by whole families. Keep in mind that Halloween is a time to have fun and indulge in sweets, so make sure to use your costume and go trick or treating.

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