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Fashion industry confused, leaves the rest of the world at lost for trends

In a world where fashion is set by the big fashion houses, there is a confusion that even the designers of the biggest fashion brands such as Gucci, Channel, and Louis Vuitton to name a few cannot answer. 

The trends for December to January usually set on the series of fashion shows that took course from Monaco, to Dubai, and New York are in a big pool of perplexity. The industry has failed to set what’s trending for the pre-spring 2015 season.

There are different terms for pre-spring shows and it depends on the brands. These terms are cruise, resort, or pre-collection.

Big designers such as Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera, and Ralph Lauren are at loss in defining “pre-spring” through their collections.

When Ralph Lauren was asked what “cruise” really means, he said it is called “everyone is confused”. He further added that as a designer, he finds it really difficult to express what cruise means through his designs. He said cruise simply means beach and pre means you can ship earlier. But he said he dug his own grave when he worked on his fashion brand’s pre-spring 2015 collection.

Michael Kors echoed the confusion when he said “resort” is such a crazy phrase. He doesn’t even know what it means.

Carolina Herrera laughed at the absurdity of the confusion and said their designs, made out of confusion, will last forever.

Her designs were composed of a wrap coat that is double-face cashmere, organza ball gowns that are daisy-strewn, and silk dresses that are long and tailored for dancing. Kors’ collection was composed of white eyelet, sweet dresses, suede flares, and anoraks that are sable-lined. Ralph Lauren’s on the other hand is dominated with white polka dot and striped navy classics with eye popping golden accents.

No singular trend rose from the series of fashion shows. However, for Lanvin, the whole point of the pre-spring collection is not about showing. It is about sharing.

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