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Fuel your Passion for Fashion with these Five Apps

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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2017

Due to be daily busy schedules, most people suggest that there is need to have fashion apps that will save you from any inconvenience. You find that most people leave very early in the morning and get back home very late. This is due to the urge to make more money and become successful. However, you also need to know what the fashion in trend is without bothering other people. The apps discussed below will help you tech-savvy stylists view, create, and design stunning fashion collections with computer nodes.

The following are apps to fuel your passion for fashion

Draw and Wear for Windows

This is a high-tech design sketchbook where users can mix and match styles to create a complete collection and build mannequins for the display of new creations. Draw and Wear for Windows is among the best apps to fuel up your passion for fashion. The app is so popular since it allows aspiring designers to create all types of clothing items, such as dresses and t-shirts among others. This is an amazing app since it allows users to share their designs through Facebook directly. You do not have to leave the app and log in to Facebook like other apps require.


Pinterest and Instagram

Previously, we had fashion icons such as Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein; Karl Lagerfeld among others which paved way for fashion. However, today there are high-performance devices in combination with fashion apps which are taking fashion to a new and higher level. Pinterest and Instagram are social media platforms that allow budding designers to discover inspiring ideas and inspirational outfits from leading fashion portals. The designers can later build brand name recognition with meticulously curate online profiles. Lenovo Yoga 100 is one of the best devices to use in relation to fashion.

C-Design Fashion

HP Envy x360 supports C-Design and can work very well at home with a 4K display that will help you create vibrant visuals with care and precision. It has specific features like fabrics simulation and dynamic colors that help a designer achieve more accurate production. C-Design is precise, effective, and professional app with tools that provide a clear and comprehensive interface. It has advanced features that allow you to save time and still fully express your creativity. Fashion brands such a Jacada Paris Zara and Maje use C-Design fashion software when creating designs. The users can create technical files and share them using subcontractors for a truly collaborative approach. This app is fast and easy to use, therefore it is recommendable to anyone.


EFI/Optitex O/Sel

This is among the best apps that have the ability to fuel your passion for fashion. You know very well that a designer can take years to make a hand-drawn sketch into a full-blown fashion collection. This app has the ability to change the one-year period into the shortest time possible. The reason to this is because EFI/Optitex O/Sel promises to divert all that by leveraging the 3D power to create and develop fashion designs. Photorealistic rendering and zooming can be used to create 360-degree views of a garment. Before investing in a physical prototype, the user can upload and share the collections to get early and fast feedback. The feedback will guarantee the user how much demand they should expect.

Adobe Illustrator

This is a cloud-based solution that allows fashion designers to work together across mobile devices and desktop. It is a vector graphics editor that is developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. This app is in form of so many versions, i.e. versions 1-1.6, versions 2-6, versions CS-CS6 version CC and versions 7-10. Adobe illustrator is the best tool that can enable you to share an image with your merchandise. It has brushes, colors, and images that are easily accessible for creating beautiful clothing designs. The recent versions are the best if you are a starter in this field. They are user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Adobe Illustrator

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The above 5 apps are great and will be in a position to fuel your passion for fashion more than you ever thought. You are in a position to make awesome designs that are unique and match your preferences. The more unique your design is, the more demand it will get from potential customers. These apps do not limit you to a specific design. You simply need to be creative and research more on the trending fashions. These apps can be downloaded online as long as your device can support them. The main advantage in these apps is that you can train yourself easily. You don’t have to spend while training.

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