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Get Inspired By The Best Dressed Stars On July’s 2nd Week

Wear something that has a tropical theme for the summer like Audrey Tautou or you can try Miroslava Duma’s high-low fashion method during the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Look at this week’s best dressed and take inspiration from their wardrobe.

  • Audrey Tautou. Try that tropical look, which is best for the summer season. Tatou hits the tropical high note and gave it a “feel-good” look. You can try a beach print with block cover-up so you have a cushion if you fail to pull it off.


  • Hanneli Mustaparta. This blogger dared to be different by combining unlikely colors like lime green and grey, and was able to successfully pull it off. If you are brave enough, maybe you can also pull this off.


  • Zhang Ziyi. It seems like stilettos and Block heels are not enough for a fashion statement anymore as these two celebs present Dior’s sculpted heels in Paris this week.


  • Miroslava Duma. You can pull off a high-low approach by combining a luxury outfit with grungy, ripped jeans so that you won’t look too formal.


  • Nicole Richie. Start keeping those plain white Tees, because you just might need them one day when you open your closet to look for the right outfit. Richie shows how you can simply use the basic plain Tees and look extra stylish.


  • Olivia Palermo. Patterned trousers are scary, because it may make you look like you’re wearing your pyjamas for a certain event. Well, if you know how to look like this gal, you will get your perfect printed trousers like Palermo during this week’s Haute Couture Fashion.


  • Alice Dellal. She pulled off that Chanel’s women’s Dallas collection by wearing a Western theme belt like Dellal did.


  • Gwen Stefani. Round frames and reflective lenses are popular this summer as shown by Gwen.



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