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Magic 101: Harry Potter Makeup Brushes

Hello, ladies! Every week, we are surprised with new makeup products, re-organizing our shopping priorities. Well, for each Harry Potter fan out there, this surprise is going to be even more interesting. I am happy to report that Harry Potter makeup brushes are not a real thing, being presented by Storybook Cosmetics, a beauty brand that caters to both wizards and muggles. So, if you are a die-hard fan of Harry Potter, these are beauty accessories you must absolutely have. Keep on reading this article and discover more useful details on the subject.

When someone is a fan of Harry Potter, it is only normal that she would want to apply her makeup with some pretty nice makeup brushes. Storybook Cosmetics recently got the prototype approved for these products and they are soon to be released on the market. The company has released products for Harry Potter fans before, such as the faux palettes or makeup products. These brushes will come to complete your makeup needs, looking just as good as they sound.

Throughout time, Harry Potter has served as inspiration for a lot of products and it is quite amazing to see how many great accessories can be created, with inspiration being drawn from the books that everyone loves. Wizards and muggles alike can now meet their thirst for fandom and makeup at the same time. Amazing enough, the makeup brushes were created after the ever-popular wands of some of the most popular characters in the Harry Potter series, meaning: Professor Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort, Hermione, Ron and Harry.

It has been announced that the makeup brushes, posing as infamous wands, will be sold in a set of five. Moreover, the makeup brushes will be presented in a custom-made velvet bag, for easy transportation and protection purposes. According to Storybook Cosmetics, the brushes have been especially designed, presenting soft bristles made from synthetic materials. The wands are made from metal alloy, allowing you to feel magic at the same time with applying your makeup.

Makeup Brushes

Have you ever imagined yourself doing spells? If yes, then these brushes are more than perfect for you. One single look at these brushes and you will soon understand that they are perfect, having been created with the greatest attention to detail. You can use them to apply your favorite makeup, feeling just like Hermione or any other popular character in the Harry Potter series.

If you think that these brushes sound great, you are absolutely right. With them, you can have a lot of fun while applying your makeup. Imagine yourself to be a powerful wizard, with amazing abilities. Joking aside, you will certainly enjoy the ease of application that these brushes allow. They are indeed accessories you will need for your daily beauty needs, being made from quality materials and with great consideration for all Harry Potter fans out there. It is recommended that you pre-order these brushes, as there will be available in a limited quantity.

Imagine yourself having these five silver brushes on your table. It might interest you to know that they can be used to apply not only eye shadow but also highlighter, powder and other similar products. And, because no great news is released on its own, it seems that Storybook Cosmetics is going to release other Harry Potter beauty products in the near future. There was a lot of talk about a sorting palette, inspired from the Harry Potter series as well. It seems that the colors of this palette will be named in accordance to the qualities that Harry Potter characters possess, such as “cunning”, “wise” and “loyal”. Does that great or what?

Silver Brushes

If you normally dread applying makeup, due to poor-quality or uncomfortable makeup brushes, it is time to make a change. These great Harry Potter makeup brushes will allow you to apply your makeup with ease, while catering to your inner passion for the world of wizardry and magic. It has been estimated that the brushes will be available on the market somewhere around December, so make sure to follow the news and keep yourself up-to-date with the release. And, remember, check out when the color palette is going to be released as well.

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Final word

There are millions of women out there who are genuine fans of Harry Potter. If you are one of them, you must have your very own set of Harry Potter makeup brushes. Enjoy the unique creations of Storybook Cosmetics, discovering the makeup brushes that resemble the infamous wands of characters you loved and lived for: Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore and Lord Voldemort. Use them to apply your makeup, highlighter and powder. Share the news with your friends and tell them about your newfound products. Muggles or wizards, they will want these brushes as well!

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