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How to afford high-end shoe and bag collection

Celine Ouaknine is the daughter of a shoe manufacturer and she has at least 350 pairs of high heels. Her first expensive shoe was black velvet Miu Miu that she bought for $350 in 2004. She also has at least 15 luxurious bags such as Prada and Fendi. 

Ouaknine is now a senior designer of Titan Industry Inc, an apparel fashion company in the US. She is lucky because she got a tax break when she bought those items since those collections are considered as cost of development and research.

You do not have to be a senior designer to be able to afford these collections. You may not be able to buy very luxurious brands that cost ridiculous thousands of dollars, but you can get Hermés and Chanel for a very affordable price.

It’s wise investment to buy classic bags and shoes from high-end brands because they are known to skyrocket in value in the long run.

  • Befriend sales attendant, fashion moguls, and store owners. This way, you can easily get discount prices. This would also open up an opportunity for you to join VIP sales. By being a regular customer in a certain store, you can easily get email notifications about future offer deals.
  • You can also add or follow these people on social media platforms where they usually post special sales events and discount offers.
  • Study the shopping habits of the locals in your area. There are places where people don’t easily buy the trending shoes or bags. With this, the store puts the high-end trending items on sale to invite more shoppers. If you’re wise enough, you can buy those items quick while they are still discounted.
  • Make sure you don’t buy those items that have loud colors, so that it won’t easily get out of style.

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