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How To Rock An All-White Outfit Like The Celebrities

You only have one month of summer left to rock that all-white ensemble. The single-note concept dressing for summer has been tried by a lot of chic young celebrities including Cara Delevigne, Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and even Michelle Obama. All-white outfit is definitely fit for this hot weather.

Let’s get inspiration from celebrities on how to wear an all-white outfit:

  • Victoria Beckham. She wears her floor-length strapless dress with so much elegance in a very effortless manner. This leads the people’s eyes to her bronzed glow. Its minimal silhouette makes it not look too bridal.celeb-white-dress-victoria-beckham_183408404262.jpg_gallery_max
  • Cara Delevigne. The petite supermodel rocks chalk-coloured shorts while in South of France. Under the jumper shorts, she wears a bustier, which is ethnic inspired and in tune with summer.celeb-white-dress-cara-delevingne_183400185610.jpg_gallery_max
  • Kim Kardashian. She proves that all-whites can also be flattering with her Givenchy top paired with a Wolford Skirt. Her modern top and shorts highlights her figure.celeb-white-dress-kim-kardashian_183402817067.jpg_gallery_max
  • Kate Middleton. When the Duchess of Cambridge attended Wimbledon, she was sporting a Zimmerman laced dress. Simple, yet gives a sweet flair to an otherwise somber look.celeb-white-dress-kate-middleton_183401896844.jpg_gallery_max
  • Michelle Obama. Her halter-neck all-white flare-style dress makes the First Lady very admirable during the Independence Day. It emphasises her figure and it can go with flats or heels. It goes perfectly well with the HOTPOTUS who’s rocking a white T on denims too.celeb-white-dress-michelle-obama_183402994164.jpg_gallery_max
  • Sarah Jessica Parker. Her SPJ stilettos and her Ralph Lauren blazer made a baby-doll dress look very amazing.celeb-white-dress-sjp_183407805676.jpg_gallery_max
  • Nicole Peltz. The Transformers: Age of Extinction star shows how to rock an all-white in Christian Dior.celeb-white-dress-nicola-peltz_183403351496.jpg_gallery_max
  • Nicole Richie. She matches her subtle Givenchy floral top with skinny jeans and Manolo Blahnik shoes. Who knew grunge chic can look divine in white?celeb-white-dress-nicole-richie_183404285178.jpg_gallery_max
  • Rihanna. She pulled off a grungy wardrobe by mixing different 1990s throwbacks like Chuck Taylors, slip dress, and bucket hat.celeb-white-dress-rihanna_183406560913.jpg_gallery_max
  • Reese Witherspoon. Looks very lady-like with her Monica Rose top, a skirt and a Maiyet bag. She wore bold accessories to balance her geometric skirt and top. Classic and lovely!celeb-white-dress-reese-witherspoon_183405173742.jpg_gallery_max

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