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How To Rock Black In Summer

Black is the most inconceivable color to wear on a hot bright day. But if you’re one of those who can’t shake the love for black off even during the summer season, here are some of the hottest tips to rock it without looking like you’re begging for winter.

1. Self tan goes very well with black as Kate Moss puts it in this ordinary London stroll street wear. If you’ve achieved you’re bronzed goddess hue, you can wear black anytime this summer. If you’re still pale, don’t even think about wearing black pants, black shirt, and black jacket altogether especially when you’re concerned about your public image.kate-moss-x_2991073a

2. Sleeveless shirt dress. Shirt dress is a rave these days and you can wear a black sleeveless dress without even a hint of winter. It’s super chic even when you pair it with dark colored accessories. Make sure though you apply a little bit of color pop, like the metallic gold sneakers this model is wearing.sleeveless-shirt_2991076a

3. Pretty patterned black dress. Look sweet as Dakota Johnson with this dark, sweet patterned dress. This flouncy frock is ideal for a stroll even on a hot sunny day. It’s see through too so you’re guaranteed to feel and even look as cool as a cucumber.dakota-x_2991068a

4. Wear denim with it. A worn-out denim would look perfect with a dark skirt and dark boots. It’s a pop of color and it’s uber-chic. denim_2991070a

5. Black shorts. This clothing item also brings out your bronze goddess complexion just as well as the white shorts does.  shorts_2991075a

6. Lightweight cottons. Leather is so not ideal for summer but you can substitute it with clothing items that are light to the touch such as those made out of cotton. long-dress_2991074a

7. Show off your gorgeous blades. A black jumpsuit will look perfect this summer if you tie your hair up in a ballerina bun to show off your gorgeous shoulder blades. It’s a casual look for a casual stroll in the park.tues-alessandra-x_2983734a

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