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Jewelry Stacking Ideas: Make Your Own Style Statement

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Last Updated: Sep 23, 2016

A wise person once said that accessories represent the exclamation point of any woman’s outfit. In the words of another famous person, they add zest and zing to any outfit, allowing you to express yourself and show your true style. If you are looking for jewelry stacking ideas, you have come to the right place. This article is dedicated to all of you ladies, who are interested in letting their style shine and impress everyone with their finishing touches. Enjoy yourself while reading this article and make sure to test our suggestions.

Why should you consider jewelry stacking?

Jewelry stacking can help you shine, no matter if you are more of a glamorous type or you prefer to keep your fashion trends down to a minimum. Stacking rings, earrings and other accessories is more fun than you imagine, not to mention it is something that anyone can do. Such a pastime is suitable to any personality, allowing you to mix and match as you want.

When you give jewelry stacking a try, you have the opportunity wear statement pieces and match them with the rest of your outfit. You can also give mixed metals a try, finding suitable pieces of jewelry to pair them with. Last, but not least, you have the chance of going for dainty designs, as these are going to fit your style no doubt. The main idea is that you rely on these jewelry stacking combos, in order to achieve that perfect, flawless look.

A girl can never have too many accessories but there is an art to stacking them in a proper manner. There is also the challenge of finding the right jewelry combinations that will help you shine. Once you have found your unique lifestyle, you can go for beautiful ring stacks and choose sparking earrings to match those to perfection.

Accessorizing in accordance to your style

Glam Executive

Glam executive

If you are the kind who wants to be successful and dominate, you need to show everyone that you can be glamorous at the same time. You can shine by going for the sparkling kind of jewelry and stacking elegant items accordingly. Keep in mind that you are aiming for the top and that should be reflected in all of your choices, including when it comes to accessories and handbags. Go getters love to sparkle and what better way to achieve that, than by laying sparkle on sparkle?


Romantics are always falling in love, including with the things they are wearing (accessories included). Instead of wearing your heart out on your sleeve, like the romantic that you are, you can wear it on your ear (in several layers). Show everyone that you are a romantic, sweet and innocent, by going for mixed metals. Choose hearts, hair bows and other elements that might show who you really are and how much you love to love.

Fashion minimalist

Just because you are a fashion minimalist, this does not mean you should not shine. On the contrary, you can shine quite a lot, impressing everyone with your stacked jewelry choices. Like the minimalist that you are, go for gold, wearing beautiful, elegant midis. People who might look at you will think that these engagement rings have been stacked just like that but we know that you placed them with intent. Add to that a stack of simple studs and you will look quite amazing.

Fashion Minimalist

Sophisticated bohemian

If you are a bohemian, going for a sophisticated style, then stacked jewelry is the perfect opportunity to express yourself. It is recommended to choose birthstones and even elegant flowers, as these will help you to truly shine. Make sure that you create a sense of mystery about yourself, as this will help you appear even more sophisticated. When it comes to earrings, you can mix and match various styles, making sure to choose somber and yet classic colors.

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These are a couple of jewelry stacking ideas that will help you shine and achieve perfection in terms of style. No matter to which personality type you belong, it is true that jewelry stacking can help you look beautiful and elegant at the same time. Remember that life is too short to wear boring accessories, so you should always strive to wear the most interesting rings, earrings and whatnots. Jewelry will make you feel unique, beautiful and sexy, not only in the eyes of others but also in your own eyes. Use it to express your own style and flaunt your most beautiful features.

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