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Male Models You Must Follow on Instagram

There is a whole new heap of male models that you can feast your eyes on. The ripped abs, perfect hair, and muscular jaw lines make you forget that you should be looking at the brands they are promoting. Here are some of the best looking male models according to

  1. Clark Bockelman (@clarkbockelman). He appeared in Calvin Klein Collection’s spring 2014 campaign. He will also be in the fall campaign of the label and he just made it to the cover of V magazine.clark-bockelman_192512475824.jpg_gallery_max
  2. Abiah Hostvedt (@abiahhostvedt). He is one of the coolest looking and most dynamic male model out there at present. He has deals with Lanvin, Tommy Hilfiger, Hunter and more.abiah-hostvedt_192510188745.jpg_gallery_max
  3. Sung Jin Park (@teriyakipapi). This South Korean has a lot of gigs with big labels like Aldo, Iceberg, ck Calvin Klein, Uniqlo and Opening Ceremony.sung-jin-park_192516233606.jpg_gallery_max
  4. Rob Evans (@robjamesevans). This male model has been around the industry for quite some time now, but you still definitely have to follow him on Instagram. Who could forget him on the runway of Moschino’s spring 2015 menswear?rob-evans_192515555059.jpg_gallery_max
  5. Edward Wilding (@edward_wilding). This Manchester-born male model has a cheeky sense of humour, which is very noticeable in his Instagram post – but you’re probably not after his jokes. He’s in Dior Homme’s spring campaign and Chanel pre-fall Dallas rodeo.edward-wilding_192513703773.jpg_gallery_max
  6. Arthur Gosse (@officialarthurgosse). This Frenchman has been on 133 runway shows in just 2 years. Probably more than all of his piers combined.arthur-goose_192511375980.jpg_gallery_max
  7. Ronald Epps (@ronald_epps). This newcomer is very versatile and has that sweet boy-next-door look.ronald-epps_1925163762.jpg_gallery_max
  8. Joe Collier (@joecollier92). This Mancunian has deals with Topman, Armani Exchange and other top tier campaigns.joe-collier_192515802902.jpg_gallery_max
  9. Guerrino Santulliana (@santulliana). This male model is one of the top catwalker in the list.guerrino-santulliana_192514257510.jpg_gallery_max
  10. Callum Ball (@callumcball). Repeat, Burberry and Exclusive are the major words that would apply to this hot stud.callum-ball_192512999000.jpg_gallery_max

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