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Miniskirt: 60s’ major revolutionary icon

The Miniskirt is not just a fashion icon; it is a symbol or the rebellious youth and sexual liberation that started in the 1960s.

There were a lot of revolutions that spurred in the 60s, including The Beatles, Neil Armstrong, and the miniskirt.

There are different opinions on who really invented the miniskirt. Some of the major names on the list that compete for the title of miniskirt inventor are Jean Varon, John Bates, Andrè Courrèges, and Mary Quant, who was the most influential figure that pushed the miniskirt to the mainstream fashion industry of the 60s.

The miniskirt symbolized the evolving culture of the youth in the 60s. Complemented by the birth control pill invention, the miniskirt also symbolized sexual liberation of that generation.

Quant started experimenting with the miniskirt back in 1966 with her King’s Road boutique Bazaar, which she founded with her husband and two other friends. Quant said she got her inspiration from a tap-dancer who was wearing short skirt, emphasizing her legs and ankles.

Quant recently turned 80 last February. She said she got the name miniskirt from the Mini Cooper, which was her favourite car. She said the car is exactly like the miniskirt. It looks optimistic, young, exuberant, flirty and just right.

Quant’s miniskirt tells a message of a playful girly innocence that holds a rebellious sense to the reserved post-war fashion of the 50s, which has a no nonsense utilitarian look. The miniskirt was a challenge to society that changed its conservative values. Quant recounted seeing older businessmen back then shouting at the window that the miniskirt was obscene and disgusting. Even Coco Chanel said the mini was just awful.

The miniskirt was a symbol of cultural evolution. Quant said it was the women wearing it that truly invented the miniskirt.

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