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Mobile boutiques make fashion on the move

If you’re thinking of a new way to sell fashion goods and make it an instant hit, take inspiration from Southern California’s boutique rage these days. Mobile boutiques or fashion trucks give a new meaning to retail therapy. 

Who says that old trucks or old vans can only be used for food stalls? It can be used to sell dry goods too and some fashionistas already swear that the therapy that this new convenient shopping form offers is relieving.

Fashion trucks can be found wherever there’s a huge gathering of people and that’s exactly how it gives a new form of relief for shoppers because it eliminates the process of sitting through bumper traffic just to shop.

According to one fashion truck owner, Stace Steffe, people are excited to put their hands on this new movement. In every fair that she drives her fashion truck into, people will line up.

These days, about thirty fashion trucks already operate in Los Angeles. But Los Angeles is not alone in this new phenomenon. Over 300 mobile boutiques are already operational all across the United States.

Exactly how much does it cost to start a mobile retail store? All you need to have is an updated commercial truck, inventory, licensing, and truck and liability insurance. Launching one could cost you about $30,000. However, it is still way cheaper than opening a boutique from a rented space, which you will have to pay every month at about $10,000.

In order to promote their mobile boutiques, they rely on the power of social media, different blog posts, and word of mouth to advertise where they will be on any day.  They also make the interiors of their customized trucks inviting even for boyfriends or husbands.

Some shoppers find the designs of trucks more interesting that’s why they are intrigued to really go inside.

The biggest challenge in this business always is finding a parking spot.

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