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Stunning Nail Art Design Inspirations

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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2017

You will definitely and get amazed if you get a chance to see the stunning pedicure nail art ideas that are on trend. And not just your fingernails will be inspired by the classy nail arts, but your toes also need to look and feel sexy. A woman’s true beauty is reflected by well-maintained nail trends. Whether you prefer floral art patterns, stripes, geometric designs, or polka dots, there are plenty of stunning pedicure and manicure nail designs that will appeal your eyes.

Pedicure Designs

1. Remarkable Pedicure Nail Art with DIY Designs

Pedicure nail designs that engross your creativity and imaginations are pretty and endearing credit to their uniqueness. You can achieve your DIY nail art by selecting designs that range from geometric patterns to simple dots or flowers. The best thing about these designs is that they can be performed at home without any assistance from a nail expert. To make them more charming, select an accent nail design with a cute fruit pattern.

2. Geometric Pedicure Nail Art

Geometric Pedicure Nail Art

You are mistaken if you think geometric themed pedicure nail art designs emerged recently – they have been trending for a couple of years. Whether you like stripes, triangles, squares, rectangles, or chevrons, you can paint any geometric shapes to add chutzpah to your nails. It is important to combine light and dark colors if you want to bring the real beauty of geometric designs.

3. Pedicure Nail Art with Tribal Pattern

You don’t have an idea how gorgeous your nails will look like unless you try pedicure nail design with tribal patterns. You can draw vibrant patterns with red, purple, black or blue. You can then choose to paint tribal designs using periwinkle shades that will make your nails unique and stand out from the rest.

4. Pedicure Designs with Marbled Effect

Pedicure Designs with Marbled Effect

Toenails with marbled effects appear stunning and stylish. In addition, they are quite simple to do. All you should have is a steady hand, a tool to create wavy patterns and a bowl filled with two primary colors. Definitely, you need some practice to grab the expertise of creating such pedicure designs.

Manicure Designs

1. Pine Tree Nail Art

This is a pretty nail art design you could have tried during the festive season. It is very simple, especially for beginners. Simply apply a bright red polish on your nails, skipping your ring finger. Instead, use a green polish on that nail. Allow the base coats to dry for some time, and then use a toothpick to make polka dots on your thumbnail with a white polish. Create a V shape on your middle finger using green paint and then stick some green gems on top of it. The gems are designed to create an additional spunk to the pine tree.

2. Rhinestone Nail Art

Rhinestone Nail Art

Do you have long nails? Then this is for you. Though the design is quite delicate, it is not difficult to create. Simply take a peach or orange paint and color the tips of your nails. Sketch two or three wavy lines in black or dark blue and then stick your rhinestones wherever you feel appropriate. The design will look stylish and sober.

3. Snow Manicure

If you are looking for a nail art design to grab everyone’s attention, snow manicure should be your choice. With this drawing, you can create a galaxy-kind splattered nail art design using dotting tools to add white crumbs on violet-painted nails.

4. Dotted Nail Art

Dotted Nail Art

This is one of the easiest nail art design ideas suitable for beginners. Though dots look simple, they are elegant and you can play around with different colors of your choice. Start with a base coat of your preferred color and leave it to dry. Use a toothpick and start making dots on your nails using the color of your choice. You can combine different colors of various shades to make your fingernails more attractive and noticeable.

5. Butterfly Nail Art

This design looks quite complicated, but you will realize how it is easy once you start working on your nails. The butterfly looks very attractive, especially for teenage girls. Just pick any two contrasting colors like yellow and black. Coat all the fingers using the lighter color and then draw a butterfly on your ring finger using a thin nail brush. If you want to make your fingernails even more attractive, apply multi-colored stones or dots in the wings.

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Nails are treasures for every woman. The way you give them attention speaks louder of how you value their role in reflecting your beauty. You don’t have to look at your nails clad in monotones whereas there are plenty of mind-blowing art designs that can enhance their beauty. Above all, you have to go to a specialist. You can try some of these nail art designs in the comfort of your home. Neither are these designs limited to your fingernails or toes. Get started!

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