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New Creative Ways to Carry Your Phone If You Don’t Have Pocket, Purse

Almost everyone carries a cell phone wherever they go; otherwise, they become invisible to society. Men put it in their pocket. For women, it’s a whole different story. They put it in their purse if they are wearing a dress. They can’t put it in their skinny jeans, because it ruins their curves or their phones might bend.

If you don’t have a bag or if your pocket won’t work, there are purse-free phone holders that can solve these problems.

  1. Purse N’ Boots. This collection from Elizabeth Anne shoes can hold phones and credit cards with its hidden interior pocket. This can make you feel like a secret agent, pulling out your phone from your boots like Angelina Jolie in her action movies.Picture 1
  2. Festival Belt, Steampunk Pouch, Hip Bag. These are not fanny-packs. These are fashion items first, and its utility as a phone holder comes second. It can help you travel light in a stylish way.il_570xN.506419036_nxl4
  3. PortaPocket. Its neoprene and Velcro allows you to strap it on your legs if you are wearing a dress. You will feel like a real femme fatal when you pull up your skirt a little bit to get your phone.slideshow_1
  4. Objex Sports. This is an athletic carrier that puts your phone in your bra.3
  5. Wristlet. Try Coach and emPOWERED for a wristlet if you really need to carry a purse.w_wristlets

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