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No-No’s From London Fashion Week

Along with the beautiful designs that were featured in London Fashion Week, there were also some horrible things that you would definitely not wear, not even inside your bedroom.

  1. Tampon Earrings. Would you dare to wear a used tampon as an earring? I don’t think so.tampon_3041315a
  2. KimYe Sequins. A sweatshirt with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s face in sequins is simply something you wouldn’t want to
  3. Kick Ass. It is always better to wear something without the word “ass” written on it.ashleywilliams_3041329a
  4. Gem Cover. Gems used to cover the nipples don’t always work, unless you are one of the unconventional music artists of today.SS15CG-TFord-053_3041742a
  5. Not Thought Of. This outfit looks like it was worn in a hurry.jw_3041344a
  6. See Through Bride’s Maid Dress. This looks like a very revealing dress for flower girls.kane_3041348a
  7. Shoes on Tights. This outfit looks like the tights were worn over the shoes.thomastait_3041355a
  8. Not Creativity. Imagination has no boundaries, but this candy cane-looking wrestling costume simply went out of bound.miguellucas-SSoT-g_3041426a
  9. Cute Dungarees. A man wearing dungarees with stars, guinea pigs and rabbit prints just won’t work.vinandomi-pa_3041390a
  10. Dangling Satin Ribbons. You might get stuck as you close the car door with those dangling stuff.       EMarler-fashioneas_3041368a

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