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Novelty Bags That Are Heating Up The Mainstream

This season, novelty bags are gaining mainstream spotlight as they can easily bring your outfit to the next level.

Here are some of the top novelty bags for this season:

  • Milk Carton Bag. Imagine the Olympia le Tan milk carton bag on your light denim pants or faded denim dress: they would simply look great together.AW14DetailP-395_2991116a
  • Chanel Perfume Bottle. The Chanel perfume bottle looks very pretty, and it would be such a pity if you just leave it inside the cabinet.AW14DetailP-397_2991115a
  • A Box of Frosties. Bejewel your box of Frosties and let it hang next to your Chanel perfume bottle.AW14DetailP-440_2991114a
  • A Gummy Bear. Put a big gummy bear on your Prada bag and make sure it’s sticking its head out of the bag for people to see.AW14DetailP-286_2991104a
  • Snoopy Bag. Everybody loves Snoopy and it would be great to have this character hangin’ out with you all day.AW14DetailP-384_2991117a
  • Moschino’s McDonalds-Inspired Handbag. The yellow “M” and the red overall can easily spice up any wardrobe you’re trying to pull off.AW14DetailP-330_2991105a
  • Supermarket Basket Bag. A bag that looks like you are buying your grocery definitely makes your outfit look perkier.AW14DetailP-338_2991106a
  • Postcard Bag. This postcard-inspired purse can definitely make you stand out.AW14DetailP-377_2991099a
  • Teddy Bear Bag. This is not your fluffy, cuddly children’s toy; this is leather teddy bear that has a luxury look to it.AW14DetailP-298_2991107a
  • Book Bag. Olympia le Tan’s book-inspired bag will make you look like an intelligent bookworm.charlotts_2991110a
  • Smiley Bag. A bag with a smiley will never fail to make you look great.AW14DetailP-037_2991084a
  • Vintage Phone Bag. This bag that looks like a vintage phone makes you look attractive without being too over the top.AW14DetailP-052_2991086a
  • Cards Bag. This bag is designed to look like a deck of cards and it might make you look luckier than you already are.AW14DetailP-082_2991087a
  • Giant Printed Clutch Bag. These big, colourful printed clutch bags can easily call anyone’s attention.AW14DetailP-158_2991088a
  • Fluffy Friend Bag. This fluffy friend-inspired bag makes you look as lively as Christmas whatever season of the year.AW14DetailP-206_2991089a

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