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Olympia Le-Tan’s Chocolaty Collaboration

Olympia Le-Tan’s charming British eccentricity with a touch of Gallic style is mixed with Piere Marcolini’s chocolaty treats.

Now, French designer Le-Tan’s new collection will literally be edible, thanks to the amazing skills of the Belgian chocolatier Marcolini.

Intricate Chocolate Boxes

Marcolini has recently opened his Haute Chocolaterie boutique located at the Rue deSaint-Honore, which is at the historic 1st arrondissement of Paris. To celebrate the revered sweet treats of the renowned chocolatier, Le-Tan designed two elaborately designed limited-edition chocolate boxes.


Marcolini personally requested the opening of his boutique to be fashionable as its location.

Le-Tan delivered to that request quite excellently with book-shaped, embroidered, bright pink boxes which is irreverent and intellectual at the same time. She had her embroidery designs printed into the chocolate boxes.

Le-Tan’s Embroidery History

Le-Tan started honing her embroidery skills when she was still a little girl, which her grandmother taught her. That skill brought her to Chanel, Balmain, Gilles Dufour and now with her own label.

She was born in Britain, but was raised in Paris. And her designs are mostly inspired by these countries.

Raised In Paris

According to Le-Tan she was given a lot of chocolates during the creation of the box, which she sees as the biggest benefit that she got from working with Marcolini.

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