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Romeo Beckham Takes Center Stage in Burberry Christmas Campaign

It’s no secret that David and Victoria Beckham have incredibly gorgeous genes. Now, their 12-year-old son Romeo stars in a lead role in the Burberry Christmas advertisement, where you can see him dance and spread love in the streets of powerhouse

Fashion powerhouse Burberry leads in the race for the best blockbuster Christmas ad of 2014.

It’s the Christmas season, but Romeo symbolises Cupid in this ad, giving the gift of love to a young couple played by models Hannah Dodds and Anders Hayward.

The ad had a dance number, and Romeo showed off his rhythm. It seems like he doesn’t just have his parent’s looks, but his mother’s dance talents as well. Her mother used to be part of the popular girl group Spice number, and Romeo

Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey, who is also the chief creative officer, explained that the short film is a celebration about “everything we love about Burberry.”Burberry CEO Christopher Bailey

It shows off the British weather, the trench coats, the cashmere scarf, the music, and the talented people.

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