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Summer Footwear: The Footloose Way

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Last Updated: May 3, 2017

With summer just around the corner, it is only normal you should be on the lookout for proper footwear. While the trends regarding summer footwear change each year, there is one aspect that always remains the same. During the summer, you need to feel comfortable and protected from the intense heat. When it comes to footwear, the last thing wants to experience is more heat. Have you considered the footloose way? Let’s see the most popular footwear that falls into this category, helping you keep your feet cool during the summer season.

Men’s Footwear

#1 Slip-On Shoes and/or Loafers

If you are interested in maintaining a casual look but you do not want to push things, both slip-on shoes and loafers represent excellent choices to make. These can be easily paired with a wide range of outfits, not to mention they do not require socks.

#2 Espadrilles

Espadrilles are making a comeback this year, allowing you to look fantastic and feel comfortable at the same time. Make sure that you opt for fabrics such as cotton or canvas, in order to keep your feet cool, regardless of the temperatures outside. What matters is that your feet are able to breathe through the respective fabrics, thanks to proper ventilation.

#3 Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are no longer reserved just for those who spend their time on a boat, representing excellent choices for summer wear. They are comfortable to wear, with guaranteed breathability and ventilation. More importantly, they are available in a wide range of fabrics, including suede, canvas and even leather. You can pair them with summer outfits, looking quite amazing.

#4 Strap Sandals and/or Flip Flops

For a genuinely casual look, both strap sandals and flip flops represent excellent choices to make. These are perfect for going to the beach, ensuring that you look and feel comfortable at the same time. Most importantly, they are available in a wide range of colors, so you can easily pair them with the rest of your summer accessories. Strap sandals are best worn at night, especially if they are made from leather (perfect summer look).
Strap Sandals or Flip Flops

Women’s Footwear

#1 Sandals

Sandals are just as popular nowadays, as they were decades before. They are comfortable to wear and keep the feet cool, being available in the most incredible designs and colors. You can either go for flat or heeled sandals, enjoy your final look.

#2 Ballerina Flats

Ballerina flats are perfect for summer wear, as they are comfortable and light at the same time. They allow the skin to breathe, while impressing with their stylish design. Moreover, they can be worn on a wide range of occasions, being easily paired with both casual and elegant outfits.
Ballerina Flats

#3 Clogs and/or Wedges

Clogs represent the perfect choice for a casual look, especially if you are interested in comfort above all else. You can wear these for both formal and informal events, as they will allow your skin to breathe and look amazing at the same time. As an alternative, you can opt for wedges, which are just as comfortable and stylish.

#4 Canvas Shoes

If you are the kind who likes to maintain a sporty appearance, canvas shoes are ideal for you. These are light to wear, ensuring the necessary breathability during hot summer days. More importantly, they represent the perfect choice for outdoor events, such as barbeques or summer picnics. Also, they can be worn for prolonged periods of time, without having to worry that comfort will be an issue.
Canvas Shoes

#5 Pumps

If you are going to attend a formal event or even a party, you need something that is a little bit more elegant. Pumps represent the perfect choice in this situation, with the open toes ensuring that your feet stay cool and comfortable at the same time. Moreover, pumps are available in the most incredible colors and designs, so that you can impress everyone with your overall appearance. Keep in mind that these high heels should be worn before the actual event, so that they are broken in. Otherwise, you will probably spend your entire night agonizing, due to the lack of comfort and intense pain. Pumps need some practice wear, in order to ensure the best possible comfort.


These are some of the suggestions when it comes to summer footwear, for both men and women. As you have seen, many of these are made from comfortable, lightweight fabrics, so that the feet are able to breathe and stay cool, regardless of the temperatures outside. The suggestions include footwear for both casual and formal events so that you are prepared for whatever necessity might appear in front of your eyes. Do not be in a hurry to buy too many pairs; rather, choose several inspired pairs and match these with the most incredible outfits.



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