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Summer Hair Color Trends in 2017 You Must Try

Are you interested in changing your hair color but you are not sure about the actual choice? Do you want to surprise your friends and family with a fresh color job? If you have answered affirmatively to either one of these two questions, you should keep on reading this article. In the paragraphs below, we invite you to discover the hottest hair color trends of this year. Be sure to check all of them out and decide on your own, which one would suit your personality the best.

#1 Pearl-Colored Hair

This hair color trend is especially recommended to those who are romantic and soulful. It has an interesting finish, being suitable for blonde girls and women. Whether your hair is gold-blonde or platinum, this new color will definitely suit you. The pearly sheen will require several appointments to your favorite salon, so be sure to take this into consideration.

#2 Pale Pink

Pale Pink
Who would have thought that pink would make a comeback in 2017? Of course, we are not talking about the vivid pink that was once in fashion but rather about a pale shade. This is also known as millennial pink, reminding of the first roses of the summer and often preferred by teenage girls. Of course, you can opt for more intense shades of pink, if you want.

#3 Geode Hair

If you are into geology and you like rocks and crystals, you will surely like the geode hair as well. This hair trend actually reminds of geodes, with the most beautiful shades playing in the light of the sun. You can opt for shades of navy, amethyst and ombré, enjoying the multitude of available options.

#4 Blorange – Red & Orange Combo

Blorange – Red & Orange Combo
2016 was the year in which the orange-colored hair was more popular than ever. This year, we are assisting to an even more interesting hair color trend, meaning the red and orange combination or “Blorange”, as it is also known. This unique combination is particularly suitable to those who have a fair complexion, being warm and sexy at the same time.

#5 Goth Brown

In general, when we say Goth, we think about deep black hair. However, in 2017, a new trend has appeared in the form of Goth brown. Celebrities such as Jenna Tatum have made this trend even more popular, often associating it with a dark-shaded makeup. This creates a sort of a dangerous look, allowing you to conquer anyone, at any moment of the day or night.

#6 Blonde Gray

Blonde Gray
Also known as silver or ash blonde, this hair color trend has been popularized by Hollywood celebrities. The color is often preferred for short hairstyles, creating an aura of elegance and mystery. It is also used in combination with black roots, so that a perfectly-unique contrast is created. So, if you are looking for a unique hair trend to try out, this might be just what you needed.

#7 Platinum Blonde & Amethyst Roots

Platinum blonde did not go out of style; on the contrary, it has become the preferred choice of actresses, female singers and other famous persons. However, we are far from the classical version, with a unique combination marking its place among the hottest hair color trends in 2017. We are talking about the combination between platinum blonde hair and amethyst-colored roots. It does not get more interesting than that.

#8 Succulent Hair

Succulent Hair
For those of you who like succulent plants and their multitude of colors, this hair color trend is more than perfect. Succulent hair will allow you to impress others with the multi-toned look, especially when presented in the light of the day. You can play with the desired level of intensity, opting either for darker or brighter shades. Some of the colors you will have the opportunity to wear include jade, turquoise, purple and magenta.

#9 Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin spice is a suitable color not just for autumn but for all of the other seasons. It reminds one of the classic ginger-colored hair but it has a more intense appearance to offer. You can play with different shades, mixing copper with golden blonde and chestnut. Just think about the beautiful autumn leaves playing in the rays of the sun. This is what pumpkin spice is all about.

#10 Gray Ombré Hair

Gray Ombré Hair
If you are interested in trying out a hair color that is less conventional, perhaps you should consider gray ombré. This hair color trend is chic and daring at the same time, being perfect for those who are trying to go beyond what is considered as traditional. You can start with a dark gray color at the roots, opting for paler shades of gray for the rest of the hair. This hair trend is suitable for any length, so make sure to give it a try.

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These are some of the most popular hair color trends in 2017. As you have seen, many of these are variations of hair colors that were popular in the past but more daring, intense and passionate.

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