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Summer Skirts For Every Working Girl

It’s the summer season and it would only be appropriate to wear summer-themed skirts everywhere. These skirts might be too bright or too colorful for your own subtle taste, but know that they are appropriate for this season, even appropriate for work. The good thing is, even after your office hours are done, you can wear these skirts to whatever appointment you have later. Some can be worn for dinner dates, some can be worn to go out shopping with your girlfriends.

Whatever schedule you have after office hours, know that the skirts listed here are suitable for

1. Pastel animal-printed midi skirt. This Warehouse skirt can be yours for only 45. It’s suitable in the office, comfortable to wear, and can simply be paired with a white tee, and metallic flats.


2. Ivy monochrome-printed midi skirt. This knee-length skirt is available at Whistles and can be yours for only 145. Pair it once again with a white tucked shirt, and strappy sandals.


3. Elin Skirt. You can have this cute knee length skirt for 95 at Toast. 


4. Straight-cut printed skirt. This floral patterned skirt can be yours for 59 and is available at COS. 


5. Floria Skirt. A Tory Burch high waist design is appropriate even for formal corporate settings and can be yours for 305.


6. Textured Skirt. You may look like you’re heading to watch a tennis match but this H&M skirt is still appropriate for work. It can be yours for 29.99.


7. Abstract Print Skirt. This Jigsaw blouse and skirt is too awesome for work you can wear it for a dinner date right after. Yours for only 98.


8. Sunray Pleated Skirt. Shine bright like the sun and give a fresh aura to your office with this Hot Squash skirt, which can be yours for 65.


9. Swallow Skirt. This slightly above the knee skirt can be yours for 69. Available at Hobbs, you can easily pair this with flats or a pair of high heeled straps.


10. Viscose Skirt. You can buy this skirt for 55 at &Other Stories.  


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