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Super Sneakers for Women – on the Rise

Shoe trend is ever changing. Just when you were about to buy high-heeled sneakers, a new trend has surfaced making your about-to-purchase out of style.

This time around, there is a growing craze for leisure footwear in the form of hi-tops sneakers especially created to the world’s biggest shoe shoppers – the women. Caroline Issa of The Telegraph identifies three designers who have built around the classic sneaker icon.

Jon Buscemi. The footwear brand Gourmet with the tag line “Obnoxiously High Quality” takes inspiration from Jon Buscemi’s roots, which is the rebellious New York graffiti tagging. It’s made of pure Italian leather with an ankle strap of 18k gold-plate hardware. If you’re looking for an urban and chic pair of sneakers you want to wear with your everyday trouser suit, this sneaker is the best.

Alejandro Ingelmo. If you’re looking for a sneakers brand you can trust, try Ingelmo. In 2008, he was one of Vogue’s prestigious Fashion Fund’s Top 10 candidates. Straight from Cuba, Alejandro Ingelmo, which is also an heir to generations of excellent shoe making skill, established his own collection in 2006 with sexy and super high heels. He launched Tron, a shoe line for both sexes, which ultimately became a hit for people who love to work out.

Feit. Beautiful, smooth, and soft are just some of the few words Issa used to describe the hand-sewn sneakers of Feit. The writer found the brand on Instagram and felt a connection to is as Feit’s website shows how the shoes are made, who makes them, and how long the process takes. Two brothers founded the brand; one of them actually started Royal Elastics. They too came form a family of shoemakers so you can expect quality and class. If you’re looking for sublime designs on neutral tones, this brand is absolutely perfect.

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