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Swimwear Brand Features Real Women in Video Campaign

“How to lose weight” is included in the list of top 10 Google searches. Ironically, the top one most searched Google topic is “how to make pancakes.”

Perhaps this is one of the inspirations for Swimsuits For All, an American swimwear brand, to use plus size ladies wearing one pieces and bikinis in their new video campaign.

The campaign shows meaty women looking beautiful and happy as they frolic under the sun by the beach. There were also photographs of these big women posing like their slimmer counterparts in a fitness magazine.

The result is like Dove’s “Love Your Body” campaign for real beauty, where they have established a new sub-genre for women called “Real Woman.” This new sub-genre might be the opposite of “Fake Women” who other plus size people claim as too skinny and unbeautiful.

One of the women in Swimsuits For All’s ad is the beautiful Robyn Lawley, an Australian plus-size model. She appeared once in the cover of the prestigious Italian Vogue magazine. Fashion blogger, Gabi Fresh was also in the shoot.

It may raise awareness a little bit, but ultimately the ad is still about raising profit by increasing sale. It may not drastically change the world, but the images are still significant in this age where thinner women are the major promoters of brands beckoning people to buy the product.

This is, however, a bold move for Swimsuits For All as they presented bikinis and plus size “real women” in such a positive way.

After seeing this advertisement from the swimwear brand, you can’t help but compare the other images from various promotional items were slimmer or even skinnier women are featured. Some may consider plus-size women being modelled as true beauty, while others may think it is an excuse for not working out and eating too much of those pancakes.

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