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The best way to wear silver

Metallics during the summer are fast becoming a trend and this year, silver is becoming a sensation.

Silver’s value in the fashion industry is growing rapidly ever since this year started.

Last February’s fashion week at London, a lot of women were wearing a whistle silver skirt.

That trend made it to the Hollywood when Angelina Jolie wore a silver dress during the Oscars. Malia Obama also had a silver skirt on during President Barrack Obama’s state visit to China. Beyonce has also been wearing silver during her performances this year. It seems like everywhere you look there is silver in people’s fashion sense.

Silver looks great after dark, which is why silver is usually worn during the winter when it’s cold. However, it was last summer’s rose gold sensation that brought metallic in the summer a fast growing trend, and this year, silver is taking the limelight.

You can try the silver after-dark DKNY skirt, which costs £285. It is complete with amazing sequence that gives it a smooth and watery feel.

You can also wear whistle silver trousers that are not that shiny, which is best for daytime. It costs around £155.

Summer silver jumper by Joseph is another great outfit. But it is the silver skirt that best defines this silver trend. Mark & Spencer has an exclusive design for this silver mania. It is soft silver and it falls nicely emphasising your body.

A silver whistle skirt for this summer is simply a head turner. People will just give you a complement on how beautiful your skirt looks everywhere you go with the whistle. It may cost you £125.

To make the summer extra hot and you are daring enough, you can wear the silver evil twin shorts, which costs £45.

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