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Top Five Upcoming Brazilian Fashion Designers

For the next few weeks, when we say Brazil, the topic would always be about the World Cup. Instead of talking about who are the best football players in the world and how Netherlands clobbered the defending champion Spain, we would be focusing the spotlight on the upcoming big names in the Brazilian fashion industry.

  • Karin Feller. After she won the 1st BtoBe competition, Feller launched her fashion label in 2010. Since then her brand took off reaching new heights both in the local and international fashion scenes. Her designs are greatly inspired by illustrations. The pieces in her label are modern, light, and youthful.


  • Adriana Degreas. She is considered as Brazil’s “Brain Couture Designer.” Her luxury beachwear can easily be described as sophisticated with impeccably detailed cut. Her pieces are embellished with distinctive and rich accessories. Besides beachwear, Degreas also has branched out to cashmere, knitwear, and fur coats.


  • GIG. Patricia Schettino and Gina Guerra founded this label back in 2002. It was originally a B2B marketing for big brands. It was in 2005 when the fashion designers established collections of their own. Through shapes and textures, they are able to emphasize the power and beauty of the fabric in their pieces. They also utilize high tech machinery and accurate modeling to ensure the quality and beauty of their products.


  • Gabriela Sakate. She is a product of some of the leading fashion schools in the world such as Central Saint Martins in London and ESMOD in Paris. After she won at the SPFW and Senac SP, she launched her own label. You can notice her design for its femininity mixed with minimalist tailoring. She brings out the contemporary woman in whoever wears her design, using new materials elegance and originality.


  • Gralias. Julia Guglielmetti and Grazi Cavalcanti founded this fashion line back in 2010. One of the most remarkable things that this duo pulled off was their imaginary city called “Katakuyna,” where they turned national costumes into eccentric fashion statements.

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