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Wedding Guest Outfit Options Depending on a Venue

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

Ah, weddings. Such a beautiful ceremonies. Even if you plan your outfit a month earlier, you always end up in some last minute rush. First of all, you need to be aware that, when you are shopping for the occasion like this, of course you need to buy something stylish and elegant, but you don’t want to draw attention to yourself away from the bride and groom. Don’t attract negative karma on yourself dear. Of course, before we begin with the advices on what to wear where, we need to tell you about the four unwritten and most important ground rules of dressing.

Rule number one: Unless it’s a white dress code, don’t ever in any circumstances wear white on a wedding, pre-wedding festivities, rehearsal dinner, engagement party etc. Don’t ask why, just don’t.

Rule number two: You need to respect the newlyweds religious rules. It doesn’t matter if you are a religious person or an atheist. Find some literature and educate yourself before the wedding. For example, if the wedding is held in a Catholic church, bring a sweater with you, or a bolero, to cover your arms and cleavage. By doing this, you are showing a huge respect towards the church and also the bride and groom.

Rule number three: Since we are not in the past century anymore, there isn’t anything taboo about wearing black to a wedding. It is elegant and totally appropriate.

Rule number four: Don’t ever allow yourself to be underdressed, this is a very formal occasion and you are not going to a club. It is always better to be safe than sorry, right?

Beach wedding

Beach Wedding

If it is a beach wedding, you will probably receive all the information you need on a wedding invitation. There are two options: Beach casual and beach formal. Whatever it is, you can always find an universal item. Dress for it like you would dress if you would go to a nice restaurant on a sunny day. Have in mind that the beach contains water, sand, sun and wind. Yes, you have probably wanted to wear some light material airy dress, but did you think about what will happen if the wind gets just a little bit stronger? “Nice underwear cutie”. The perfect choice would be a cute dressy midi sundress, with a pair of t-strap flats or flat sandals and a big sun hat. Also, keep your toes tidy and polished since sometimes the ceremony encourages guests to take their shoes off. As for the men, avoid a three piece suit, unless you want to die. Linen and light cotton are the best options here, and sometimes even the shorts and jacket will be appropriate.

Barn wedding

Barn wedding

Yee-haw. Skip the fancy dresses and diamonds and turn into the boho queen. A maxi dress or a short floral chiffon is going to be a perfect option. Also, avoid heels since you have no idea how those barn floors are going to look.

As for the gentlemen, just pair your jack shirt and suspenders with your jacket and you’re good to go.

Fancy wedding

Fancy wedding

This is a whole other story. Here is where all the rules from the past two paragraphs are losing, and you need to take your formal dress and statement accessoriesor a fancy suit and try your best to look your best. It is one level under the black tie event. This basically means that you are not required to wear a tux, but on the other hand it is formal enough for it to be appropriate. Make sure that your suit is black, dark grey or navy blue and that your dress is elegant and sophisticated. The layering and the length of the dress depends on the season.



Dear girls, glam it up! A fancy cocktail dress with simple heels or flats should do the trick. As for the guys, some pants with suspenders, white shirt and a bright coloured tie (yellow, orange, green, red etc. – have fun, come on!) and you are good to go.

Winter wedding

Winter wedding

For ladies, here you can wear the most fun and festive dresses you have. We are talking emerald green, royal blue, ruby red etc. Just be careful that you find some material which will keep you warm like tweed or velvet. Boots are allowed only if there is a snow storm happening, otherwise heels are a must.

For men, the best advice is dressing in layers to keep warm. Put a zip-up sweater over your shirt and tie under your jacket. Dark coloured wool suits will be perfect for this opportunity.

In the end here is a list of an absolute NO-NO’s for a wedding: sneakers (you are not in the gym, come on), short sleeve shirts (unless it Is a super casual wedding), flip-flops (this doesn’t even have to be explained) and distressed clothing with holes, rips or any kind of damage.

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