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Food Scientists Declare Mozzarella The Perfect Pizza Cheese

A paper published in the Journal of Food Science have researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand investigate what type of cheese in pizzas do people love to eat. And the winner is, Mozzarella.Mozzarella Food scientists set up a sensory panel that tests the subjects before they come up with a conclusion. But this takes time and is often no accurate. The team from the University of Auckland used high-resolution camera and advanced software instead. The lead researcher Bryony James said only mozzarella could blister in a very tasty fashion. The different compositions, the mechanical properties of a cheese, and how the entire component of a pizza mixes with mozzarella makes it stand out from the mixes with mozzarella The team investigated mozzarella through a meticulous process. They put grated mozzarella, Colby, cheddar, edam, gruyere, provolone, and emmental on a pizza crust. They baked it in an oven and they had a camera document the entire baking process. The images will be analysed by their software to check the uniformity of the various cheeses, which means not having any brown spots. Its stretchiness, how much oil it releases, it moisture content and the temperature when it melts are all documented and assessed. Their conclusion shows that mozzarella perfectly fits the standards of being the perfect cheese for a pizza.

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