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Funny Photos Taken at the Perfect Moment

Photos capture the best moments in life, even the emotions. A photograph can capture the majesty of a landscape, the fear in the eyes, the love of a mother, and even the funny look of a person knowing that he would be in an unpleasant situation in just a few seconds.

  1. Two wheels fall off. This guy makes an epic jump with his all terrain vehicle, but what’s more epic is how both of his rear wheels fall off as he makes the momentous jump. You can notice the driver looking back at his wheels as he awaits an inevitable impending demise.Making-the-jump-just-as-the-wheels-fall-off-resizecrop--
  2. Bat Dodge. Everyone in this part of the bleachers tries to dodge the bat that is approaching them at devastating speed. In fact, the speed is so devastating that it hilariously disfigured everyone’s faces even before it hit them.Reactions-to-a-bat-resizecrop--
  3. Flock of Penguin. Hordes of penguin surround this photographer wearing a blue jacket. The contrast of blue against a swarm of black and white is quite cool.Outside-in-the-cold-with-penguins-resizecrop--
  4. Swan on Koi. It seems like these black swans are walking on a school of Koi under them.Swams-and-koi-resizecrop--
  5. Cute Cat, Cute Girl. This picture is just too adorable where a cat cuddles with a very young girl as if to say, “I care.”Cat-gives-kid-great-compassion-resizecrop--

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