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Girl Turns Face to Disney Characters With Make Up

Laura Jenkinson may have a lot of time in her hands or maybe she just got bored. But one thing’s for sure, she has a skill in putting on make up to look like your favorite Disney Characters.

She draws the images on the lower part of her face to make her mouth the mouth of the Disney character she is trying to pull off.

Take a look at some of her amazing transformations:

  • Mickey Mouse. Mickey is equivalent to Disney.2
  • Timone. She even captures the personality of Timone with the character’s one sided grin.31
  • Pumba. Her thick lower lip makes this Warthog look extra funny.41
  • Chip Potts. The little teapot kid from the Beauty and the Beast looks cute right beside her undefined dimple.51
  • Lumiere. The French candle in the Beauty and the Beast looks very cool with her make up.61
  • Nemo. Hep pouty lips makes Nemo really look like a fish.7
  • Dori. She drew this character at the side of her facing making Dori flat, just like in the movie.81
  • Goofy. She even pulled off the funny looking dented teeth of this hilarious Disney character. blogger-image-1104178665

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